FaceBook Notes 2012

February 14, 2012

Valentines Day!

What a great valentine’s day! The facebook Fireproof page suggested watching Fireproof tonight so I dug that movie out of the basement and Brian and I watched it together. I haven’t seen it in three years but I still totally remembered almost the entire movie and so did Brian. It was cool watching it from a totally different place in marriage than three years ago. During recovery from my surgery I went back through my notes and read the first time we did the Love Dare. So much stuff I had totally forgotten about. I need to read the second time as well. I write too much so it took me forever to read it. Amazing that is all still on Facebook and anyone can read it. The acting in that movie is so cheesy but the story line is so good that it totally makes up for it. I feel like Brian and I also reached the happy ending. Now if I could just convince him to do our vows again!
I made dinner in the Crockpot tonight. That was way safer and better than going to a buffet. I will save my trip to Golden Corral for this summer when I am at Big Stuf. Brian loves beef stew. He got a card and six pack of the new Bud Light Platinum. We tried that out on date night this past Saturday and it was pretty tasty. Kayla of course wanted one and he told her those were his but I was allowed to have one or two.
We finished the night by watching Biggest Loser. Brian said tonight it should be all girls so it would be nonstop drama all the time. If Allyson were in the room she would have agreed. She has all boyfriends because she says girls have too much drama! She’s pretty smart for her age!


September 19, 2012

The edge

Wow I haven’t written a note since valentines day. My excuse is I so was not myself over the past ten months. Yep that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Anyway today was a great day. It started with Kid Stuf and ended with The Edge. The edge is our youth group program that happens about once a month and is put on by the college age. Tonight one of my favorite kids Josh gave the message for the first time. He did a fantastic job. The theme was “no turning back”. Josh hadn’t gotten too far into his talk when I started thinking about my baptism. Not my infant one because I don’t remember that but a few years back when Pastor Tom baptized me. Everyone either gives a testimony or tells why they want to be baptized. I had this nice speech all planned out when right before it started Tom said not to be mentioning other religions. There went my talk right out the window so I had to wing it. I ended up having everyone cracking up. One thing that came out of nowhere was this. I said people may call me a freak because I’m getting baptized. However Jesus was baptized as an adult so that would make him a freak. If he’s a freak then I want to be a freak like him. Yes I really said this. They even played that part in church a couple weeks later. The other thing I said was today reminds me of a song but since I can’t sing I will just say the words.
I have decided to follow Jesus
I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back
No turning back
Though none go with me
Still I will follow
No turning back
No turning back.
Use to sing that on the Sunday school bus when I was a kid. Well tonight we sang a similar song except the lyrics weren’t so simple and the music was beautiful. I am sure the people in front of me wished they had some duct tape for my mouth but I tell myself God is tone deaf like me so I sing awesome to him.
Have a great week!!


September 16, 2012

Crazy week

Today at church we were singing Hosanna and the line as I walk from here into eternity came up and I was in tears. I flashed back earlier in the week when I went in my patients room to put in an ng (tube down nose to stomach to suck out stomach) and her doc was telling her there wasn’t anymore to do. All chemo options had been exhausted, surgery wouldn’t help. He was so caring when he was talking to her. I think he was as upset as the family. I hadn’t really thought about it from the doc perspective. They see these people a lot more than we do so it has to be like losing family members. Especially since I am convinced mean people don’t get cancer. Later we talked and she is ready to go live with Jesus but her family isn’t. That has to be hard. I managed to get through this because my patient next door was a freaking riot. After I introduced myself she told me I was way too thin and needed to eat. Told me to throw my lunch out and eat a cheeseburger. Proceeded to tell me that until after lunch. I was totally cracking up. This was my 12 hour day and told me that was too long to work. I pointed out had I not she wouldn’t have met me. That made her laugh. Life is all about balance.
I started staining the fence today ( with a brush no less, no cheating by spraying it on) and it started raining. This figures. This will be a month long process since my husband picked out the biggest lot 22 years ago. Our fence goes on forever! I already have stain everywhere and on my other pair of shoes so it’s time to order new running shoes. Woo hoo. Old ones have 250 miles on them. My Nike app tracks it for me now! Yep I’m still crazy!


October 7, 2012

When did I start thinking like an athlete?

My entire life I have always made fun of athletes who continue to play while injured. I never understood why they would continue playing a sport if they were hurting. This thinking is most likely related to the fact that I have zero athletic bones in my body. As a kid I hated gym because of having to play sports. I was usually one of the last ones picked for team sports. I can’t even blame my peers for being mean because truth be told I sucked at them. So around 18 months ago I started running and the only reason was because my friend Jen started running and I didn’t want her to be faster than me. I soon discovered I enjoyed running. So now instead of having zero athletic bones, I have a couple. And instead of being happy with three miles, I feel my best after ten or more. A half marathon seemed forever when I was a walker but after I started training for a full a year ago a half is a weekly run and no big deal. So last October I ran my first full and knew it would not be my last. I didn’t want to run that distance in the winter do I planned my second full two weeks from today.
Almost eight weeks ago I fell at mile 8.5 and landed on my knee. It was a while before I could stand up and I quickly realized I could barely walk. I immediatly went to sports medicine doc who diagnosed me with patellar tendinitis and told me if I wanted to do today’s half and a full in two weeks I needed to cut out small runs and take it easy. I could barely walk that first week but after I returned to work I started walking with my dog. That first mile was a 22 minute pace. Fast forward to today’s run. My first mile paced out at 11:10 and I felt really good. By mile 3 the thought was in my head a 2:30 was more than possible. At mile 4 I could feel my knee getting squishy but it didn’t hurt so I just kept running. By the time I ran into Shelly at mile 10, I knew a PR was possible and I kept running straight up a killer hill that I thought was never going to end. Actually running up was much easier on my knee than running down. Anyway I crossed the finish line and my Nike app said I just set a pr. Yep 1:59 faster than my best time. Now I understand why athletes play through injuries. I’m icing my knee as I type this because thoughts of beating my marathon PR are running through my head.


November 5, 2012

My church is crazy like me

I hadn’t been to church in six weeks due to running commitments. Different friends asked me to do different races and I did not realize they mapped out six straight Sundays. Next fall I will pay better attention so it doesn’t happen again.
Yesterday was the nine year anniversary of the church which means I’ve been there for 8 1/2 years. I started going when there were maybe 75 or 100 people and pretty much everyone knew everyone else. There was kid stuf first and then main church after. Now I think we have 1400 people that call oak bridge their church. We have two services that are so packed people stand in line for thirty minutes to get a seat. Also have an overflow room where others watch pastor Tom via video feed. We are slated to move into our new building in 12 weeks which will hold 3000. If predictions are true we will be out of room within the first month. So many people are waiting to invite or come until the seat issue is resolved. Now how crazy is it that people stand in line for CHURCH?
All my small group leaders are still there jimmy, Billie joe, Dianne, Herc, Craig and sarah. (Yep I’m a small group junkie hopper) so when I have times of crises they are always there to listen and respond. The best thing that ever happened was my sister refusing to take the kids to kid stuf (she was going before me) so I said fine ill take them. Jimmy’s character Gordo was acting that day and I was sold. Heck I went to kid stuf last night with Kayla and its suppose to be for fifth graders and younger. I always knew I was immature. Ha
It’s great to be home again! Can’t wait till next week as Herc is preaching. Now off to download all the sermons I missed.