A Christmas Gift Suggestion.

It all started about a month ago at work during a case. Nurse I asked what would be a good gift for her inlaws. Dr. A threw out the different food a month club. I mean he’s the biggest foodie next to Emily that I know. After that CRNA L suggested the skylight picture frame. Family members can put an app on their phone and then send photos to the frame even thousand miles away. Sure enough that evening while scrolling Facebook both suggestions showed up in my news feed. After about a week I decided to order the frame and since I had Kohl’s cash and it was on sale I couldn’t pass it up.
Christmas came and went and then I called the in-laws to set the frame up over the phone. Three simple steps was all it was to take. Well of course we couldn’t get past the first step so I said I’m putting on a mask and coming over. I will not confess how long it took me to realize I didn’t order the skylight frame but another brand. So I downloaded the correct app to my phone and put in the numbers. Went to send a picture and nothing. Eventually I gave up and said let me take it home. When I got to my house all the photos came through. So I thought to myself awesome it’s working and I went back to their house.
Once I was back in their house nothing was happening. I made a couple calls to friends and did discover their modem was six years old and could be the issue. So I turned on my hot spot and connected the frame to it and instantly the pictures came through. So that evening I did modem research and ordered a new one from Best Buy.
I attempted to set up new modem and then realized I purchased one for cable and their internet provider is not cable so back to Best Buy I go. As I’m returning it the dude asks who their internet provider is and when I tell him, he informs me you have to get a modem from that provider. He assures me you can buy one from the providers store.
I arrive at the store to find their is an hour and a half wait and the natives are restless and complaining. So I ask if I can just ask a question first. It’s a good thing I did because the dude tells me they don’t sell modems you have to call the provider. So back to my inlaws house I go so that I can call from their house in case they need to talk to them as well. The man on the phone was super nice and said they were eligible for a free upgrade and could send someone out two days later to install for free. I said score in my head this mess is over.
I am at work when my mother in law calls me. The guy is there to install it but wants to know what their current speed is and what it’s suppose to be. I vaguely remember the guy mumbling that over the phone but have no memory of what it was. Apparently it took him about thirty minutes to figure it out but after that he set it all up and did a nice job. Apparently they are at the very end of the line and could only get their speed to about half as fast as he wanted but more than enough to run the picture frame. I think the best part was this actually lowered their bill which made it an even better Christmas gift.

Mole moral ~ My personality of not being able to let something rest until I figure it out certainly paid off. However, it will be a long time before I ever take present suggestions from L again.