A Mole Thanksgiving

IMG_6478Every year we go to Brian’s parents house for Thanksgiving as a tradition. When I was growing up we never really did much and certainly never had a turkey. It’s probably one of the reasons I really don’t like turkey very much. Anyway this year Chris (Tracy’s husband) was home from the Army so everyone was there. It was totally out of control. It started with Allyson burping like a boy. Then Tyler starts making farting noises with his armpits. Then to top that off he makes farting noises with his knee. Grandma Judy then tells Tyler that is horrible and Tyler says like you could do any better. Tracy busts out laughing and Emily almost chokes. Chris says to Emily don’t spit anything out of your mouth. She didn’t. Then all of a sudden Kyle dumps macaroni and cheese all over his lap. He manages to get it all scooped up into his napkin and Chris takes it out of his lap. I think they might have fed it to the dog but I am not sure as Allyson chose this time to burp even louder than the first. It was quite the comedy hour.

It was one of the best Thanksgivings ever. Chris’s cancer must be stable. I don’t think he has gotten any better but his cancer hasn’t gotten any worse. He has stage 4 lymphoma. He has one more year of military service and then he can retire. So I said the plan is not to kick the bucket until january of 2016. I am one sick nurse. I know it. But hey if you have terminal cancer why beat around the bush. CR always asks and tells it as it is.

Mole moral: If you have manners and etiquette, you have no business sharing a meal with the moles.


A tribute to Bob Stehlin

While the world is fixated on the events unfolding in Ferguson after the grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson, Bob lost his fight to ALS. Of course with this horrible disease there is no other outcome. It is a death sentence he received a little over 5 years ago. I will admit I did not visit him and haven’t seen him since we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. That was probably 2 years ago. Or maybe the last time I seen him was when his daughter’s apartment burned. I was selfish and didn’t go because I couldn’t stand to see his body deteriorate I tried to be supportive of Laura and let her vent and talk in any way she needed. But I did not call her or text her because I didn’t want to bother her and be intrusive. You see this is such an awful thing and it is hard to know what to do.

Bob shared a birthday with my nephew Andrew who passed away at six hours old. I can find comfort in that maybe those two have already met and are sharing communion in Heaven. I also find comfort in knowing that Bob is no longer suffering. He can breathe, eat, move, play and take photos again. He loved photography and was starting up his own photography business when this all started. Maybe we don’t eat it heaven but if we do I hope he is having a seven course meal!

The hard part is for those left behind. His wife Laura, his two boys and his two daughters and every single other person that met Bob. Yes one day they will be reunited in Heaven but for those of us here on earth it will seem like a lifetime while I imagine in Heaven its in a flash. So Bob is the lucky one. He’s now living pain-free while the rest of us are sad and will miss him terribly. Although I am sad he has went to be with Jesus, I am happy his suffering has ended.

May peace be with his family as they make arrangements for his funeral and say their good-byes. I will miss you Bob Stehlin, more than you will ever know!

Mole moral:Always be kind to one another, it could be your last opportunity!


A flashback story from when Mole was a Carty

My sister called me today to let me know the end really is near for our friend Bob who has been fighting ALS. She was really upset and usually calls me because my bizarre sense of humor tends to make people feel better and laugh. Well today we somehow got on this memory from our earlier childhood.

I am not sure exactly how old we were at the time but we had to older than 9 and 12 because we were living in our house that my mom bought all by herself. Now this was a pretty unusual thing as she was a divorced woman and the year would have been 1979 maybe. Anyway it must have been summer vacation because I awoken to my sister telling me there was a man in the house. Now my sister is a hypochondriac at times and a big fat fraidy cat. So I told her no there wasn’t and to go back to her room and go to sleep. Then all of a sudden I heard a mans voice talking on our phone. This is back in the day of wall phones with cords so when I carefully peeked out of my room I could see the phone cord stretched down the hallway. I freaked out, but remained calm and did what my mother always told us to do. I got my sister and we went out my bedroom window. Thank God it was on the front of the house and not the back. So we went across the street to the neighbors to call my mom at work. Now my mom remained calm to us on the phone but freaked out because she remembered there being a strange car parked in front of our house when she left for work that morning. So she called the cops and headed home. We watched the cops show up at our house and go in. They then came and got us and said the person had identified themselves as our aunt. (My aunt is a lesbian (the man) but was a huge secret back then because people tended to think that preference preferred kids as well. That is stupid and my aunt only was involved with women but we didn’t share with anyone because no one would be allowed at our house. Oh she did live with us for a year or two but that’s a different story). Ok I will admit that I went just a little nuts. To the point the cop had to restrain me and take me off the front porch. This could have easily been an episode of cops. So when my mom finally arrived and found out it was her sister, she was livid. She had to take off work (not really accepted back in those days) and worry the whole way home that we could have been killed, only to find out it was her sister talking in her butch voice. Let’s just say my aunt did get the scare of her life when she looked up and the cop had his gun pointed right at her head, asking her what she thought she was doing.

As my sister and I were reflecting on this story she was cracking up laughing. I said see I did it again. You called me crying and you hang up laughing. It is a gift from God I suppose. So if you ever need a laugh just call CR, I have many many more of these stories!


Another day, another doctor visit

Some days I really question why I ever got into shape and started running. It’s been quite the shit show since I started. However had I not started running I wouldn’t have had a hysterectomy and since the pathology could not rule in or out cancer it’s a good thing that is out of me! But still some days I feel like a real honest crackhead.

Today I went to see Dr. Anderson about my left foot. Plantar fasciitis has reared its ugly head in that foot now. It’s been bothering me for a couple of months but I flat-out ignored it, hoping it would just go away. The last week it has gotten to the point that after work I have had to take a 1/2 of a 5 of percocet to keep from killing the people I live with. I refuse to live on daily narcotics. For one I cannot stand the way they make me feel. (I will never get why people abuse them, they are awful but allow me to walk without wanting to either commit suicide or chop my foot off). So Dr. Anderson’s fix today was a cortisone shot in my heel. Holy crap I had forgotten what that felt like. I ended up saying the F word rather drawn out and I almost clawed a hole in the exam table. I am sure I looked quite comical. So now it’s icing, stretching, night splint and hoping in two months when this shot wears off the crap is gone. I told him I hope that happens but I am not holding my breath. So if you all could pray that this will fix this issue that would be awesome. I really really don’t want to have another foot surgery. I really really just want to be able to run again. Is that too much to ask. God gave me this love of running and he keeps taking it away from me. I told him to knock it off but he seems not to listen to me. Biking and swimming are ok but really I prefer running. Is that too much to ask!

Mole moral no one goes to the doctor more than maw squaw! (Brian’s nickname for me!)


Breaking a big rule!

When I was a kid there were certain things I said I would never do as an adult. Almost all of them have come back to bite me. Just recently I realized I broke a really big one. When I was senior in high school my mom was in the adult community band as a drummer. There was another drummer that she just adored and thought would be perfect for me. He was a little bit older but I agreed to go on a date with him. To say he was socially awkward and a dork is an understatement. I swore after that I would never attempt to fix my kids up with anyone. So this past summer a new cute guy got hired at my favorite gas station. I told one of the girls that works there that she should go out with him. She informed me that he was too young for her. Last week Brian said hey in the leader a couple of weeks ago there was a story about an x employee of said gas station that stole 14,000 worth of lottery tickets and got caught. Well I had to know who it was so I went on-line and sure enough it was the “cute guy”. He had been fired before he decided to rob the place.

Mole moral: Older people need to stick with fixing each other up and leave the young people to deal with it all on their own.


Out of the not being ok!

It’s been a while since I posted anything. I have been in a not ok place and haven’t even been able to think of anything remotely funny to post. However today on the way to vote it came to me but first what is not ok.

I had to come to terms with the fact that I am not going to run anytime soon if ever. If I try to run more than twice a week, my foot that did not have surgery hurts so bad I can barely walk. I am not happy just running twice a week and my addicted brain immediately starts thinking try a third day and then I’m back in pain. So last week I rejoined the rec center. I previously had a six month membership that expired shortly before my surgery. I never really thought i would have to renew it. However with a choice of another surgery so I can run again or swimming and biking I choose the latter. My goal is no running until January 1 and then if I still can’t pick it up without my left foot screaming I will then consider surgery. My doctor told me that 99% of the time when you fix one foot, it fixes the other. I remember looking at him and saying great you are talking to me the nurse curse queen. And to those of you who say quit running, please think of something you love to do and then let me tell you never do it again. It’s really hard. So anyway with new fitness goals in mind I am getting out of my feel sorry for myself slump.

So today as I am driving to vote I start thinking about how Jesus said it’s not wise for a Christian and a non-Christian to marry. What his advice should have been is a democrat should not marry a republican. If you want to start a fight in our house just mention politics. Today Brian said I see you voted. I said heck yeah I had to negate your vote. He then told me that anyone that supports my party is stupid. I chose not to respond because it would have been a pointless fight. Although I guess it is better to fight about politics than God!

Mole moral If you are a republican marry one and if you are a democrat marry one and your life will be so much easier! And way less fighting about an issue where almost every single person in politics is corrupt!