This weekend’s cake adventures

Yes I am still obsessed with the stl250 cakes that are planted around St. Louis. I have successfully found and photographed 224 cakes while dragging various family members and friends of family members with me. This weekend I conned my niece Sierra into going with me on Saturday and then Bridget with me on Sunday. It’s what happens when my immediate family leaves me for a weekend of fun and I am working on Labor Day.


Yesterday started out with a bang. We went to the Harley Davidson store to see that cake. Well my sister decided to park in the motorcycle parking because she didn’t see regular car parking. As we walk to the cake all the Harley dudes are inside the place watching us. As we are leaving the owner comes out and gives her crap for parking where the motorcycles go. As we are leaving Sierra yells from the back seat “Mom don’t hit a motorcycle.” We always run into other people who are out taking pictures of the cakes as well. While at the civil war museum cake we asked the cake group to take our picture together.




IMG_5177The cake that surprised me the most was at the youth bridge community foundation. You see above it was a sign that said Haven House. This place provides a place for out-of-town people to stay and is cheaper than a hotel. We use to send the NICU moms there before the Ronald McDonald house was built on Mercy property. It was really cool to see the place after hearing its name all these years.







Our 200th cake happened to be at the YMCA where my good friend Meg Barry goes. We attempted to make 200 with our hands forgetting it looked right to us but was backwards to everyone else.




IMG_5193I think the most awkward cake of the day was at Old St. Ferdinand Shrine. There was a wedding getting ready to start so I simply jumped out of the car, zoomed my camera and took a picture as fast as possible. It is the only cake so far that doesn’t have someone in it. I thought it might be just a little rude to say hey wait a minute can you let us bust through the gate and get a quick photo!






IMG_5199So today Bridget and I head out and our first clue that today was going to be a nightmare was when part of the road to Bevo Mill was shut down for a carnival. We parked and walked to it, and got whistled at on the way. We both looked at each other like did that really just happen. I haven’t been to Bevo Mill since I was a school nurse and we had lunch there at Christmas time. What’s really weird is just yesterday when I was out walking the dog I ran into Anne who was also a Lutheran school nurse at the same time I was. She lives in the neighborhood behind me. The last time I saw her was when she had her daughter who is now six.





I must say that the Dogtown cake was the absolute worst one to find ever. It said it was located on the median on Tamm Ave. Ok that was total BS. There is no median anywhere on Tamm because Bridget and I drove the entire road twice. The address listed was in front of a church and there was no cake there. I almost got hit by pulling out in front of someone because of looking for the cake. I happened to randomly look up a street not even close to the address and there was the cake. Some guy yells out the window at us not to be taking our picture with the cake or it will cost money. I kid you not, I was about to knock on someone’s door on the street and ask them where the cake was. You see I get super obsessive when I can’t find something or figure it out and no way was I leaving without seeing the cake!



IMG_5225The next few cakes were uneventful and then we went to fountain park where the cake was located by the Martin Luther King statue. The area was really cool because it was sort of like a round about but with houses everywhere. We jump out and take the picture and head back to the car. There is an older couple outside in the front yard fussing at each other. I am trying to quickly put in the next stop when I accidentally honk the horn. Ok that got like four people’s attention. I was like I cannot believe this we have to get out of here. I have had a couple of people ask me if I would do this without GPS. There is no way. I have zero navigational skills and even if I had directions on paper if I got lost there is no telling where I would end up. I have seen parts of St. Louis that I would have never seen otherwise. First of all I would have never been able to find them and if I did stumble onto them I would never find my way back home. One of the better gifts God ever gave me was the GPS navigational tool. Oh and Siri was getting on my nerves so bad, I changed her to a male voice. But by the end of this day sex change Siri was on my nerves too!

IMG_5230We ran into more cakers at the cemetery who told us about a really close cake so we headed off to the old chain of rocks bridge. Once again the address put us in the middle of a field. Luckily they had given us some direction although they said they drove down the bike trail to reach the cake. I don’t have that kind of nerve so we went down the road farther and found the cake. It also said it had bathrooms and it had been quite a while so Bridget and I said cool. Yeah cool alright they were the nastiest Johnny on the spots I had ever seen. I think we would have been better off finding a bush. The cake was really cool so it was worth the drive.




There is a cake at the airport so that meant we had to park to go see it. It cost us five dollars to park for twenty minutes. Talk about a rip off. It explains why most people use the cell phone lot when picking people up from the airport. You sit on a parking lot that has an electronic sign that tells you when the flights have landed. When the passengers get their luggage they call you and you pull up and pick them up. Anyway the airport had banners that explained the 250 cakes. Hopefully if I post the pictures that I took of them you will be able to read them. It kind of explains why they are all over the place and not necessarily just in St. Louis. They made the trip and the five bucks worth it. I think I missed the 50 places banner. Well bummer!




Technology hates me

Everyone has always heard Mac computers don’t get virus’s so you don’t need antivirus software. Well guess what my blankety blank blank blank Mac got one, and it took me about three hours to get rid of it. I downloaded a free antivirus app and it detected it and since you don’t uninstall anything, I drug it all to the trash can and then threw it away. I was trying to work on my cake photo book and kept getting a stupid pop up about upgrading my media player. I knew that was bogus and the research of how to get rid of it began. So my afternoon off of work was once again spent fighting with technology. 

Mole moral: if it’s not suppose to happen, it will happen to a mole!!


A crazy day

Well the first clue that the day would be crazy was the fact I was scheduled for a 12 hour day shift. I traded with someone that needed the day off. I had five patients and discharged all of them and got five new ones throughout the day. They all had me hopping and I even had to have some help because I coukdnt keep up. That doesn’t happen too often and then just as things are slowing down for a bit I get this text from Kayla.

Mom I think I killed the dog.

To which I responded

you better not have.

It seems my middle child let the dog out abd then left for school. The poor dog was outside for about three hours. So Kayla put a rag on her neck and she perked right up. And then work got crazy again and I forgot about the dog. She seems fine this evening. And we do have a pool that she could have jumped into but she hates water so I don’t think she would have. She’s a crazy mole dog!



The ALS ice bucket challenge

The ALS ice bucket challenge has been going around social media for the past few weeks. It’s simple someone calls their friends out and then dumps a bucket of ice water on their head. The person called out has 24 hours to also dump ice water on their head or to donate to ALS. Well all along I thought dumping ice water on one’s head is stupid and I would just donate. Thursday night as I was trying to fall asleep I thought about my friend Bob Stehlin who has been battling ALS since 9/11/09. Obviously the five-year mark is less than a month away and the disease has robbed him of almost everything except the ability to eat and move a couple of fingers. He has not been out of his wheelchair in a year. He can no longer hold his head up. This disease is horrible! Actually there isn’t a word strong enough to actually describe it unless I would launch into a sailor mouth type of speaking. Anyway as I was falling asleep I thought man if Bob could stand up and dump ice on his head, he would do it in a heartbeat. And from there I decided who I was calling out. The girls I work with call me CR (crazy Rachel) and with good reason. Please watch the video and understand the nickname. My daughter stopped the video because I forgot to tell her that I was going to say a couple more things. I was going to say if you would like to learn about Bob’s story visit http://www.rascals.org. (That stands for Robert A Stehlin Cure for A L S).

Also if you haven’t donated and would like to donate directly to Bob and Laura you can do so here.


Enjoy my video, share if you want!


My text from Emily

While at work today I receive a text from Emily that says If I hear “Emily Valentine, America’s sweetheart, the girl next door” I’m burning down your homecoming float. For starters are there any 90210 fans out there? Because they would understand this. You see in one of Emily’s PT classes she shared how she got her name. Yes her mother named her after Brandon’s girlfriend Emily who turned out to be a psycho and set the homecoming float on fire. I really liked the actress that played Emily (too bad I don’t even know her real name) so that is how I came up with Emily. As for Caroline, that is my middle name and my great grandma’s middle name. So at least it wasn’t a double psycho name. Just a psycho and a crazy! It takes a real nut job to admit they named their kid after a character on a TV show! And to top it off the character goes nuts! That is my story for the day!


Cakes, Cakes and more Cakes

So yesterday I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when the lady that use to watch my kids called me. She lives down the street from me and after she took a full-time job at a church, we just didn’t talk as much. So anyway she called to see if I knew there were 251 cakes. They added one to grow on. I said are you kidding me? I can barely find the cakes with GPS and an address no way can I find a mystery one. Since I didn’t have to work until one today I got online and googled are there really 251 stl250 cakes. And as usual my babysitter was right! It seems a gal name Amy has found them all. I found a nice article about her. She makes me look normal. No really she does. This crazy found and photographed 54 cakes in one day. All I have to say is she must have way better internal GPS than I do. Maybe she is lucky and never has to flip a u-turn in the middle of the street! Ha ha  The most i have found is 27 and Emily and I were exhausted. We are currently at 164 cakes. I have planned the ending to the cake hunt and am hoping to have a little surprise for each person that has gone with me! And then you can all call me cray cray!

Maybe if the cake distraction will go away, blog ideas will come back. Emily has returned to school. We had a great week with her home. She and I ate out a lot and I still lost weight as I kept my calorie goal in mind. Kayla started college yesterday and has done her homework two days in a row. I was released from the foot doctor last Thursday and he told me to take it easy getting back into running. I haven’t run since Wednesday. I think I have been walking on the outside of my foot as it has been hurting so I am taking it easy. I have to remind myself I have the rest of my life to run so I can either take it easy or push it and need another surgery! I’m kind of over surgery and injuries so I will lay low for a while!

I have decided to use an online photo book for the cakes! This way I don’t have to print out a million pictures which will be out-of-order. I don’t think in the end it will cost much more. Now off to go work on that.

Mole moral  Momma mole is just a little obsessive!


I got better sleep when the kids were newborns!

I was up until midnight working on this morning’s cake route. Since we are hitting up Illinois at first it was a 12 hour drive. Well when I rearranged all the places I got it down to six. This should have been my second clue as to what the night was going to be like. My first clue was Emily and her friend decided to go out and have Kayla and her boyfriend drop them off and pick them up. So somewhere in the three o’clock hour I get a text from Kayla saying she is not going to go see cakes or get a new phone today. She hates Emily. So I get up to try and talk to her half comatose and Emily has really hurt her feelings. I go back to bed and Brian is snoring to the point I cannot sleep so I go lay on Allyson’s floor with the dog. Kayla wakes me up again and I convince her she is getting a phone today. Around five I go back to my room because Brian is up and no longer snoring. Now he wants to have a conversation because he heard my text message go off and then I left so of course he jokingly says I was with my boyfriend. Hello moron mole I just want some damn sleep. At six the alarm goes off and I have to get Allyson up for school. As soon as she leaves I go back to sleep. Within twenty minutes Emily is now in my bed and making horrible wrenching sounds. I am thinking are you kidding me? I just want to sleep soundly. Yep she hops and throws up a bunch of time. Finally thirty minutes before my alarm goes off I give up on sleep and get up. Today should be a real fun day.

Mole moral of the story momma mole will always stand on the side that drinking is stupid!


Today’s cake hunting adventures

Today we headed down 44 to Meramec Caverns as this was the farthest cake out west. We then made our way back down 44 stopping along the way. We did the cave tour as I have never done it. It was really cool to see but we froze the entire time. I think the girls enjoyed it as well.  We then saw the Franklin County Courthouse. That was a GPS nightmare and walked around the building before we realized we were at the wrong building. Next stop washington historical society. That cake was cool. We then went onto Gray Summit and Purina farms. That was a tad disappointing. I think Suson Park in South County had almost the same amount of animals. Shaw nature park cake was very detailed with little animals glued on and a big sign stating not to even touch the cake. So we didn’t. Would have loved to have driven through it but after spending 55 to see the cave the credit card was on fire. We then visited the Black Madonna Shrine and Grottos. I need to look up the history on that because the name did not match what I envisioned and it was actually pretty cool. Of course when I told Brian about it, he knew exactly where it was as he delivered candles there back during his first job when he worked at a candle factory. Six Flags is closed during the week. You can be sure crazy cake lady told the guys at the fence to move the cake so that it can be viewed even when closed. They seemed to think that was a pretty good idea. We then visited the wolf center where Allyson went to wolf camp last summer. Also the bird sanctuary and we got to see them bring the birds in for feeding. It was cool to see the barn owl up close. Of course we drove around Lone Elk Park and saw the animals and the cake. We ended at Maritz where the girl’s aunt use to work. That cake was really cool as it had each side as a different season. We left at 8:30 and didn’t get home until 6. I think work will be much easier tomorrow!

IMG_4948IMG_4952 IMG_4951 IMG_4950


10 really good reasons the Mole’s are cake hunting!

IMG_4732It’s been a while since I have written anything. Emily is home for a week between PT school semesters and she is all into the caking with me. I know it probably seems ridiculous to drive all over town but here are 10 really good reasons.

1. The kids are locked in the car with me without music so we must talk.

2. I have seen parts of St. Louis I would never see.

3. It gets me out of the house as I could easily be a hermit.

4. We have met some cool people while out on this adventure. The one cake artist and the book illustrator. Today I was telling the guy at the train station how there are 250 cakes all over from IL down to Meramec Caverns . Allyson got to meet a saxophone player down by Vinatage Vinyl in the loop.

5. I learned Clayton is five minutes from the loop. Did I ever mention I have zero sense of direction. We are constantly flipping U-turns and going the wrong way. All this driving is not helping me one bit with my sense of direction.

6. We have some great pictures and behind every picture is a story.

7. It keeps Allyson off of the electronics.

8. School starts in two days for Allyson, six for Kayla, and nine for Emily. Then its just me and my fleas!

9. The dog enjoys going when it’s not too hot. We can’t always get her out of the car.

10. This time will be known as the summer “our crazy mother drug us to all those silly cakes and called it culture!”


My 24 hour fast from Facebook

First of all do not laugh because it was only 24 hours because I learned a lot in a short time. 

It all started yesterday morning when I read a post that I thought was directed at me. I immediately sent an apology text and then decided I had enough and was getting off of Facebook for a while. I heard back and the post was not for me but since the last few weeks have been rough I just assumed. So then I felt better and decided to stay deactivated for 24 hours. Here are some things I noticed. 

1. I was a lot more attentive to the people around me and my surroundings. 

2. It was nice not checking FB constantly to read my notifications. 

3. It was really nice not knowing Suzy had picked her nose and ate her boogers. And then to read fifteen different peoples reactions. 

4. If I needed to know something I had to pick up the phone and talk to a real live person. 

5. I did miss my two groups. One is piyo and it’s all newbies trying it out and supporting each other. My other group is lead by a gal at my church that has lost 110 pounds via weight watchers and exercise. This months exercise challenge was running or walking 100 miles. Now I am not that crazy and set my goal at 50. That should be plenty. 

6. I also need my photo album to finish documenting my cake finds. I need therapy about that but that is a whole different post. 

So my take away from this is I am going to delete the Facebook app from my phone. This will greatly reduce my time on it. I will leave messenger on in case someone from one of my groups need to reach me but Facebook has to go. 

Mole moral it has been greatly refreshing not to have even checked Facebook since 7:30 am yesterday! And the post which brought initial hurt turned out bringing great joy. Which makes me think of Josh Williams song before the morning.