My first school board meeting

school boardToday I attended my first ever school board meeting. This means one of two things, I am either getting really old or I have been sucked into the C-6 school district drama. Probably a little of each. It was interesting and I learned a lot about the format and how a meeting is held. I found it ironic the school board didn’t understand the simple question of why the time was changed from 5:30 to 7:00 and therefore never did give a reason. If it was to decrease attendance, that was not successful. I arrived fifteen minutes early and barely found a seat. By the time the meeting started it was standing room only.

There is a seven million dollar deficit that needs to be fixed. So of course the answer is cut pay and make all the employees pay 300 a month health insurance. For those that make ten dollars an hour that could be very difficult. How about we cut the superintendent salary by 100,000 as well as all the other high paid administrators. It will be very interesting to see how the budget turns out.

I wanted to laugh when one of the board members thanked the audience for bringing all the issues out into the light. I wanted to stand up and say you should thank Sam, Michelle and Rich who no matter what was said of them stuck to the facts. But wait, you can’t thank them because they have a lawsuit against the school district for the horrible things said on topix that was traced back to the superintendents home. And that woman is refusing to step down. I really thought by now she would have said I screwed up and I resign. But I think she will hide behind her lawyer and play out her contract. I could be wrong, I mean I hope I am but time will tell.

Tomorrow I return back to work. I cannot wait as I will have other things to keep me busy. I didn’t get much accomplished while I was off. I think I read two books and I did finally beat the level in candy crush I was stuck on for six weeks. Yes life in the mole house is super exciting when out on leave!


Living up to one of my nicknames

I am a girl with a few nicknames depending on who is around me and what I am doing. One of the more common one is CR which stands for Crazy Rachel. My work gave me this nickname a few years back and I enjoy living up to it. I told one of the residents at work to call me CR. Not too long ago I had one of the patients he was following and when he asked the girls at the desk who had the patient they said Rachel. He said I don’t know anyone named Rachel. When I walked up to the desk they said you know Rachel and he said oh yeah CR, I forgot her real name.

As I posted earlier I read the entire topix thread about the nepotism in the Fox school district. There were only a couple of people that actually posted using their real name and one of them was Sam Ferry who is a former employee of the school district. The thread started with this post from a lady I think:

I am posting this not to start bickering back and forth but am just wanting to post a question and see if there is an informed person out there who would know the answer: is there anything the community can do in order to have an investigation done?

The president of the schoolboard’s daughter-in-law just got a $65,337 a year job when she has no post-secondary education and her experience is a high school diploma and her work at McDonald’s? This is beyond ludicrous. She doesn’t even have the degree needed for the position. Isn’t this illegal or am I wrong?

All throughout the thread Sam’s character was attacked many, many times but instead of attacking back he would simply remind the people the topic was about nepotism and not his personal life. He really impressed me that he never once got involved in the name calling and stuck to the facts. After I was all finished reading and had time to absorb it all, I knew I needed to write him an email. He had put his personal email address in a few of his posts. I got this prompting from God. I know this is crazy and no God did not yell down from heaven “hey CR you need to write an email to Sam.” I just felt a whisper in my heart that I needed to do this. And so I did. I sent him an email saying how impressed I was that he stayed true to the subject and took so much heat during the process. One of his goals was to get a new school board in place and in the past two elections all the seats have been replaced. I think there are only two of the original ones left.

Did he answer my email? yes he did several days later. I am copying and pasting just the beginning because it just kind of confirms that what started out as seeming crazy was indeed the right thing to do.

Nothing new under the sun, nothing in life surprises me, but your email…..that surprised me enough that I wanted to take a thoughtful amount of time before I responded. Thank you! It is so rare that someone actually takes the time to say or do something for an unknown. That makes you interesting right off the bat. You are one of one when it comes to that.

How many times in our lives do we think I should send that person a card, a letter, a text or an email and yet we never do? We just assume those around us know when they have done something good. But in a matter of two seconds when someone does something wrong we point it out, criticize, gossip, and make sure everyone knows. Yet when someone stands up and does the right thing rarely is that person supported.  Just an observation I have made.

Moral of this mole story: If you feel God telling you to do something, you should listen! The results can be amazing!


More comedy with the post office

snail mail


Remember last Friday the guy on the phone said I should hear within a week about the lost claim form he filled out for me. So I decided I would give it until this coming Monday and then I would call. I still haven’t heard from them but I did get a letter in the mail about my insurance claim. I had to mail the letter back with proof of what I had bought to get my 300 dollars back. The books were purchased through half.com which meant I had to go on there and print that out as well as my credit card  statement. So I start to print that and the printer jams up. I have hated this printer/scanner since the day I got it. Of course my mom was kind enough to give it to me brand new for free so I cannot complain about it too much. It said cartridge error please consult the owners manual. First of all, who has the owners manual five or more years later and secondly nothing comes with one of those anyway. So I take the ink cartridges out and jam them back in and it finally prints the stuff. I am going to have to crack and get a new printer but not in the middle of being ready to smash it! So then I head to Imperial post office to mail it because I have decided I am paying to have it sent certified with a signature required. No way am I dealing with “it never came to us, it’s been longer than 30 days so you are screwed out of 300 dollars.” Of course I get to Imperial and they close at 11:30 and it’s 11:40. So I get back in my car, drive over to Arnold and get the stupid thing mailed out today. I told Emily order your books again and I will give you the insurance money when it comes. And she has changed the address on her credit card so the books can be mailed directly to her in Kansas City! Never again is she having anything mailed here first. Oh and if by chance something does come I will be using the brown clowns (aka UPS) from now on!



The case of the missing deodorant

Last week, Brian was packing for his fishing trip to Wisconsin when he noticed he was low on deodorant. He first tried to steal Kayla’s but she also was almost out. I told him to go to the store and buy some. Not real hard. He left Friday night and the next morning I got up took and shower and my deodorant was missing. I thought to myself are you seriously kidding me, he took my deodorant instead of going to the store. For me to go means dragging my boot and putting that on before I got out of the car. It was a good thing I had an extra stashed in my gym bag but he didn’t know that. He got in late Friday night so I waited until Saturday morning to ask him what happened to my deodorant. He acted all sheepish and  I told him to hand it over. I then informed him we were hiding all the deodorant from him so he can go buy his own. Yep that how immature mama mole acts.

The moral of the mole story don’t act like an invalid~go the store and buy deodorant when your wife is a cripple and you are not!


The debit card fiasco could have been a nightmare

Today I got up and did what I almost always do  which is sign in to online banking and reconcile my account. Yes I still keep a check register. Ok I’ll admit I’m sort of progressive because it’s on the computer and not on paper. I use to use Microsoft money until I ditched windows and went to Mac. I know use an app for it. This way my math is always correct. This obsession with keeping track of my money all started when Brian and I met with the preacher who married us before we got married and he suggested keeping track of money so there is no argument where it went. Now if you remember my refusal to ask for help issue in a previous post, you will not be shocked to realize I took this to the extreme. I have printouts of monthly income and expenses since 1990. Yes, I use to keep track of it on paper and when I got my first computer I went back and manually entered like 10 years worth of data. See why my coworkers call me CR? (you know crazy Rachel).

Ok back to the story once I signed in I immediately noticed a charge from Sams Club and some place I never heard of. I do not own a Sams club card so I knew that wasn’t from me. So I call my sister in a panic and she says remember I’m at the lake, I told you that yesterday when you called me. So she told me who to talk to at the bank because it was before the lobby opened. So I got my debit card shut down right there and then went to the bank later to get a new debit card and sign the papers for the fraud on my account. I did learn that the credit union that the people who steal your number start with small amounts because normal people do not notice for some time. And if I were like most people these days and not even keep track, it may have taken me even longer to notice. I had a pending charge to Dollar General for 54. I said I do not mean to sound like a snob but I never shop there. The girl laughed. So the 105 dollars worth of money they stole, should be back in my account within ten days.

The moral of this mole story, it pays to be a freak!


The battle with the post office continues!

Yesterday Emily was harassing me about her books again so I shot off an email to the post office stating I wanted someone to call me. The same guy from Arnold post office (even though I mailed the stuff from Imperial post office) called me back. He was like didn’t I talk to you before. I said yes and he said he forgot to make a note. I told him I filed an insurance claim over a week ago. He was shocked that I haven’t heard anything. He asked me if I filed a lost package claim. I said nope, never heard of it. Because according the tracking it is till at the Imperial post office although when I called them first, they swore it wasn’t there. He said someone should be calling me. I said how long should I wait before I call again if no one contacts me. He said a week. So come June 30 if no one has contacted me about my insurance claim or the lost package I am going to go off. I told him the 1-800 number always says speak to a customer service rep not available and hangs up. So if I get that ######## again I will have to go to Imperial in person and demand they get someone on the damn phone that can take care of this. On a positive note, Emily has better grades these last three weeks without books so who needs them. Hahahaha. Totally kidding. But she only has 7 weeks left so at this point it’s almost a waste of money! Oh and I did tell him if these books are in St. Louis I’d be happy to go get them and mail them through UPS. (Or as Brian has nicknamed them, the brown clowns!)


Visit to the doctor

Today was my three week post op visit and stitches removal. It’s hard to believe it’s been three weeks already and yet it also seems like six months because I am dying of boredom! Anyway first thing I did was give the doctor crap about three stitches coming untied. He informed me that he knows how to tie a knot, that obviously I was walking too much. I said point well taken and changed the subject. For the record, my stitches were out long before I walked home from Target. So I did admit that I have only been wearing the boot if I am going somewhere or doing a lot around the house. Otherwise I told him I left it off and only went to the bathroom. He said I could also wear the post op shoe if I wanted. I got my return to work form signed as I come back July1 (happy new OB/GYN residents day). He told me to plan on wearing the boot for the first and maybe second week. He said if I had a desk job I wouldn’t  need it. I thought this was my last visit but no he wants to see me at six weeks. This is ok by me because he falls into the cute doctor category. We must have been chatting too long because one of the medical assistants came in and started cleaning up the room. He did tell me I can start swimming next week once my incision line scabs over and I can start biking as well. He said not to even think about running until at least two months from the day of surgery. I will probably wait three months because I do not want to mess this up. I had let my membership to the rec center expire the end of April because I knew I was having surgery. I can’t wait till next week to sign up for another six months. I finally bought a swimming suit that I am comfortable in so watch it people the crazy swimmer will be back. My dad is giving me Brenda’s old bike so I will be able to say good bye to Kayla’s pink power puff bike.

I stopped by the unit after the doctors visit to drop off hangers for one of my co-workers. When I walked onto the unit I got the Women’s Health smell and it was nice to be home. The two weeks before my surgery I only worked 4 hours between vacation and the census so I have been gone almost five weeks. I am excited to get back to work!


Chuckie Finster

180px-Chuckie_FinsterYou don’t belong to the Moehlmann family unless you have a nickname. Everyone seems to get one eventually. My niece Sierra was named at birth. Back when she was born the show Rugrats was very popular. Brian and I probably saw every episode with Emily and Kayla. On that show was a four eyed red headed kid name Chuckie Finster. He was afraid of everything. I am not sure if Sierra was even two days old when Brian started calling her Finster and it stuck. On her first birthday Karen had gotten Andre’ a daddy’s girl engraved picture frame and we printed off a picture of Chuckie and put it in there for him. Every time Brian comes home from work and Sierra is here he will say “finster what are you doing here?” and she will glare at him. When she was younger she was a fraidy cat as well. She seems to have outgrown it as she has gotten older unless it’s a scary movie. So Sierra will always be our little Finster. And this all came to me because last night they were running episodes of the Rugrats.


Blown away

I have been following the drama of the C-6 school district for the past two weeks. I knew Rich Simpson from high school so I was very interested in the law suit. I ran into one of Emily’s friends mom on Sunday at Target (yes, before I locked my keys in the car) and she told me the whole thread that the lawsuit was about is still on the website. Now the news had reported that some of the comments were not be able to be said on the air. So since I have nothing else better to do I looked up the thread and started reading. It all started back in 12/12 and runs up until the present. There are over 2700 comments and since I have nothing else better to do I started at the beginning. I am around comment 900 at the present and have read the comment they couldn’t say on the news. All I have to say is I hope Rich and Michelle bleed which ever one of the four bozos said it dry. I also can’t believe grown adults attacked each other the way they have. I have almost come to the conclusion that no one ever grows up past middle school. Ha ha ha. I also cannot believe highly educated people did not realize that IP addresses can be easily traced. Perhaps they never saw the episode of Forensic Files in which a killer submitted a yahoo map (I think) to the St. Louis Post Dispatch showing where a body was hidden. This dude was quite surprised when they showed up his house in St. Louis to arrest him. Although it is easy to hide behind social media and pretend to be someone you are not, it is not a wise idea to libel people in that way.
Ok back to reading this craziness.


Will I ever be able to ask for help??

It all started way back in 1986 (that’s 28 years ago) when I had my very first nursing clinicals. We spent the last month of the first year of nursing school at a nursing home. It was not my calling. I cried every single day and begged my mother to let me quit. I was told at my evaluation that I relied to heavily on my peers and needed to stop asking for help. Yep in true CR (crazy Rachel) fashion, I took that to the extreme. In the present day I have to be drowning before I ask for help and I usually end up barking at my co-workers. I always apologize for my behavior once I have caught up and can breath again. Luckily for the girls I work with this doesn’t happen very often. However, when it does I hate it! And before I forgot my mother refused to let me quit. She told me to start my second year where clincials would be at the hospital and if I still hated it, then I could quit. She is such a wise woman! Obviously I loved it since I am still working in a hospital many years later.

Today I took Allyson to Target to buy a nintendo 3DS. She had been saving her money since Christmas and finally was about ten dollars short. Since she has been waiting on me for the past two weeks, I figured I could front her ten bucks. Well I can drive with this stupid foot but I have to put my boot on to get out of the car. I was highly distracted putting my boot on. They did not have the model she wanted so off to gamestop we were going to go. However, we got to the car and I saw I had locked my keys in the car. Rather than ask anyone for help, I tell her we can walk home and use Kayla’s car. So yes I walked a mile today in my boot. OMG it was so awesome to be outside walking in the weather. If I only had my headphones I could have listened to my jammin jesus music and pretended I wasn’t injured. I was about halfway home when it dawned on my two of my neighbors were home and they would have gotten my spare key and brought it to me. I did call my sister to see if she could later drive me back to Target to get my car. Ok I wasn’t quite stupid enough to walk two miles. I was telling my wise mother how nice this walk was. She said call me in the morning and let me know how bad your foot hurts. It did not swell and still really doesn’t hurt. In my defense after gamestop I have stayed on the couch the rest of the day messing with this site.

Before I ever took off from Target another two of my stitches came unknotted and fell out. I know have lost 3 of 6. At this rate, come Thursday at my appointment there will not be any stitches left to remove. The incision looks really good but my foot is still really bruised. I just want to be healed so I can go back to work. I really miss my job and I admire all the stay at home moms. That is something I could never do!