The case of the missing deodorant

Last week, Brian was packing for his fishing trip to Wisconsin when he noticed he was low on deodorant. He first tried to steal Kayla’s but she also was almost out. I told him to go to the store and buy some. Not real hard. He left Friday night and the next morning I got up took and shower and my deodorant was missing. I thought to myself are you seriously kidding me, he took my deodorant instead of going to the store. For me to go means dragging my boot and putting that on before I got out of the car. It was a good thing I had an extra stashed in my gym bag but he didn’t know that. He got in late Friday night so I waited until Saturday morning to ask him what happened to my deodorant. He acted all sheepish and  I told him to hand it over. I then informed him we were hiding all the deodorant from him so he can go buy his own. Yep that how immature mama mole acts.

The moral of the mole story don’t act like an invalid~go the store and buy deodorant when your wife is a cripple and you are not!

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