The debit card fiasco could have been a nightmare

Today I got up and did what I almost always do  which is sign in to online banking and reconcile my account. Yes I still keep a check register. Ok I’ll admit I’m sort of progressive because it’s on the computer and not on paper. I use to use Microsoft money until I ditched windows and went to Mac. I know use an app for it. This way my math is always correct. This obsession with keeping track of my money all started when Brian and I met with the preacher who married us before we got married and he suggested keeping track of money so there is no argument where it went. Now if you remember my refusal to ask for help issue in a previous post, you will not be shocked to realize I took this to the extreme. I have printouts of monthly income and expenses since 1990. Yes, I use to keep track of it on paper and when I got my first computer I went back and manually entered like 10 years worth of data. See why my coworkers call me CR? (you know crazy Rachel).

Ok back to the story once I signed in I immediately noticed a charge from Sams Club and some place I never heard of. I do not own a Sams club card so I knew that wasn’t from me. So I call my sister in a panic and she says remember I’m at the lake, I told you that yesterday when you called me. So she told me who to talk to at the bank because it was before the lobby opened. So I got my debit card shut down right there and then went to the bank later to get a new debit card and sign the papers for the fraud on my account. I did learn that the credit union that the people who steal your number start with small amounts because normal people do not notice for some time. And if I were like most people these days and not even keep track, it may have taken me even longer to notice. I had a pending charge to Dollar General for 54. I said I do not mean to sound like a snob but I never shop there. The girl laughed. So the 105 dollars worth of money they stole, should be back in my account within ten days.

The moral of this mole story, it pays to be a freak!

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