The battle with the post office continues!

Yesterday Emily was harassing me about her books again so I shot off an email to the post office stating I wanted someone to call me. The same guy from Arnold post office (even though I mailed the stuff from Imperial post office) called me back. He was like didn’t I talk to you before. I said yes and he said he forgot to make a note. I told him I filed an insurance claim over a week ago. He was shocked that I haven’t heard anything. He asked me if I filed a lost package claim. I said nope, never heard of it. Because according the tracking it is till at the Imperial post office although when I called them first, they swore it wasn’t there. He said someone should be calling me. I said how long should I wait before I call again if no one contacts me. He said a week. So come June 30 if no one has contacted me about my insurance claim or the lost package I am going to go off. I told him the 1-800 number always says speak to a customer service rep not available and hangs up. So if I get that ######## again I will have to go to Imperial in person and demand they get someone on the damn phone that can take care of this. On a positive note, Emily has better grades these last three weeks without books so who needs them. Hahahaha. Totally kidding. But she only has 7 weeks left so at this point it’s almost a waste of money! Oh and I did tell him if these books are in St. Louis I’d be happy to go get them and mail them through UPS. (Or as Brian has nicknamed them, the brown clowns!)

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