My Linda Hansen Original

Last October I visited Gary and Linda before my Disney Wotld vacation. You can read about it here if you are interested in how we met. I’m not sure how long ago Linda started painting but I always enjoyed when she posted her work on Facebook. She always said she would be happy to give away her work but you had to agree to frame it and hang it up in your home.

A couple of weeks ago she posted this and as most of you know orange is my favorite color.
I had to have it and instantly knew where I would place it. So yesterday the door bell rang as I needed to sign for it. Yes I tell my mail guy this is my Linda Hansen original and not a St. Louis Blues memento. (The US post office and UPS has been insane with all the deliveries for those items). My mail dude smiled like I was nuts.
I opened it and it was even more beautiful in person. The frame I had was a little too big so off to Hobby Lobby for a mat. Imagine my surprise when they had that color in store and cut it right then and there. I went straight home and hung it on the wall. Allyson noticed immediately because it replaced her Woolzy character painting she did in art. She’s wanted me to take it down for a year. Brian has yet to notice.
Now I just need to find something to replace the 16×20 picture on the other side. Allyson says “mom that’s simple perspective take it down”. I’m thinking about asking the Tony Bologna to do one of my favorite, the dog. I just need to ask him and pick my favorite picture.

Mole Moral ~ Change is awesome, especially when it involves a Linda Hansen original!!


The Long Road to the Cup

It was November 2, 1985, and my first official date with Brian after our initial blind date. He asked me to go to a Blues Hockey game and I don’t think I had ever even once watched hockey.


It was at the old Saint Louis Arena. I remember arriving and telling Brian if I got hit in the head with a hockey puck I was suing him. I use to think I was not outspoken when I was younger but looking back I was pretty outspoken. Why he ever wanted to go out with me again is beyond me. He will tell you that we had horrible seats as we were in the first row of a section on the end where people walked by. It’s hard to explain but I remember him being totally annoyed. I have no idea if we won or lost but I always remembered it was the Red Wings and back then helmets were optional so a few of the Red Wing players did not wear them.

Brian and I continued dating and he always watched the games on TV. I can vividly remember studying for nursing school stuff on the weekends with the games on in the background. Every year he would swear they were going to win the cup and almost every year they would “choke”. I gave up on them many years ago and most of the time when they were on TV, I would either be at work or working on crafts. Sometimes I would listen to them and think about nursing school days.

So this year one of Brian’s friends went to Las Vegas and he had her place a bet that the Blues would win the cup. Now the odds were not as high as those who placed bets in January but 20/1 would be a decent payout. I was like sure whatever dude, not a lot of money to lose because no way they would win. His work partner also placed a bigger bet. So I think it was sometime in January they were in Maggie O’s and were sitting next to Cam Jansen. Brian told him he and his friend placed the bet that the Blues would win the cup and Cam spit out his beer and told them they had wasted their money. So last night after they won when good old Cam was on TV acting like he believed they would win all along Brian got a text from his buddy calling him out on it. He said he’s hunting him down and calling BS on him.

It was so much fun watching how excited Brian was last night watching the game.

IMG_7017He had already told his work if they win and the parade was during the week he would not be coming to work. I think he has missed one day in twenty years. It looks like the parade will be on Saturday so I am so excited to attend it with him.

Mole Moral ~ Dreams do come true, sometimes they take thirty-four years for me and all of Brians life for him but when they do it’s time to celebrate!