Jesus Christ Superstar

When I was really young, under the age of five I clearly remember being at the next door neighbors house and singing Jesus Christ superstar who in the hell do you think you are. These particular neighbors were extremely religious so I got sent home and I’m not sure if I was ever allowed back over. I did eventually move away a couple of years later. I knew that song came from a musical of the same name released in the early seventies. I always wanted to see it but never did.

Last week at work Theresa told me her daughters school was putting it on and her two oldest were the stage managers. So I pulled an old lady move and invited myself. She had to work on Saturday night so had me ask Liz. Liz had actually seen it a few years back but was up to going so a date it was. Liz had also left women’s health a couple of weeks ago so it was a great way to catch up.

After the first act, my head was spinning. I was like what in the hell did I just watch. After Liz gave me a heads up, it made more sense. I also figured out it was written from Judah’s perspective which made it interesting. I was able to follow the second act and I was left with a few thoughts.

First of all I had been singing the song wrong my entire life. It actually goes Jesus Christ Superstar, Do you think you’re what they say you are? My google research did say this was a common mistake and many people interpreted the way my four-year old self did.

Secondly, I found it very interesting when Judas asked God why he picked him to betray him. If God is really all-knowing and knows everything that happens before it happens then he knew Judas would be the one. However that doesn’t mean he chose him but he didn’t intervene to change Judas heart either. I’m not sure if any of this makes any sense anyway which brings me to my last thought.

Finally, the seventies were so bizarre. The dancing, the costumes and the whole musical was just so weird. I felt like it would have made way better sense if I dropped acid before it started. Liz told me I need to watch the movie and it is on amazon prime so perhaps I will so I can experience the full effect. The kids did a great job performing it.


Mole moral ~ Be careful about inviting yourself to musicals, you just might end up in a psychedelic confused nightmare.