image4000 is the number of miles I have been trying to reach on my Nike+ running app since my last 1/2 marathon in September of 2013. At that time I was only 250 miles away and was sure I would reach it by the end of 2013. And then plantar fascitis reared its ugly head and I have been battling that ever since. I had surgery a year ago in May to fix my right foot and being told that 95% of the time when you fix the worst foot, the other gets better on its own. Well as usual nurse curse reared its ugly head and by October (five months after surgery on my right foot, I was begging for it on my left.) Of course nothing is ever that simple. I had to have my foot injected and do stretching and blah blah blah before hand. So after about two months my foot still felt great so I started walking/running again and started a couch to 1/2 marathon training program. About two months into it and after a six-mile run the injection on my foot wore off and I was back to square one. I decided I was done with it, and went back to Dr. Anderson and said nothing has helped so fix it like my other. He does these surgeries on Fridays and since my birthday is on a Friday this year, I decided that would be the best gift I could give myself. To be able to enjoy my job without wanting to hack my foot off and to be able to get back outside and to my God time.

imageI had noticed on my Nike app that I was about 15 miles away from 4000. Since I am on a prescription anti-inflammatory, I decided I was going to meet my 4000 mile goal before surgery. My friend Theresa had started going to a personal trainer and walking every day so we found a 5K to do and I adjusted the walking schedule so I hit my mile goal by the end of the walk. Hopefully it doesn’t take me another year and a half to do 250 miles. I am hoping after 12 weeks, I can get back to walking three or four times a week. I would really like to see the next color which is yellow. I am currently in the black color which is really boring for a background. It’s all about the little things. A lot of my friends switched to Garmin because it is more accurate. However I am not a professional runner and this does the trick for what I need. Keep track of my distance and how many runs I have done. Plus I have fond memories because in the early days (July 2009 was when I started) when it was my iPod with a little thing I stuck on it with a thing it my shoe that tracked the distance. It’s hard to believe now I can use my iPhone with GPS tracking. And although it may not be total accurate, it’s close enough to keep me motivated to continue running and meeting distance goals.


Mole moral~No fancy gadgets required for this simple girl with a desire to spend time with God while out running and or walking!


Why being outside sucks!

I think I have hated outdoors my entire life. I swear I could live inside and never leave. Well except to run, that’s the only time I like being outside. Anyway yesterday I decided to take the dog on the hike up Mastodon Mountain. For those of you living outside of Jeffco Mastodon state park has a trial that goes up a hill and back down. It’s about 1.75 miles in length. I like it because I can let the dog off her leash and she goofs off and then runs to catch up with me. Only I could be walking along minding my own business and come upon this.








The dog was unimpressed and walked right on by. It was super humid yesterday and after about a mile I was really wishing I had brought some water along. I think the dog was too because her tongue was hanging out of her mouth. We finally got back down the mountain and across the street and she was acting dead. No way can I carry her back to the car so I notice a creek and I call her over thinking she will take a drink. Oh heck no, she did this instead.












So that required a bath when we got home because she really smelled gross.

This morning I found a tick on me and wanted to vomit! See I really do hate the outdoors. It’s either too hot or too cold or too many bugs!

Mole Moral~Better to stay inside where it’s safe and animal copulation does not happen in plain sight!






Clean eating the first week.

I had been playing with the idea of trying clean eating for a while now. I decided to give up chips, pretzels, crackers and popcorn for Lent. This had to be one of the stupidest ideas I have come up with in a long, long time. This triggered a sweets binge for 40 days and I’m not really much for sweets. You name it, I ate it. I ate a lot of processed stuff like fiber one bars, granola bars etc. Towards the end of Lent I was even eating fries and food from work. I had gone off the deep end and I wasn’t sure if I was coming back. The Thursday before Lent ended I had a really bad day and forgot and ate cheese crackers. I said sorry God and Lent was over. On Easter I ate everything in sight including two deserts and a chocolate bunny. I knew Monday was CE day. (Clean eating). I had spent three hours at the grocery store finding all the stuff I needed for the weeks menu.

I weighed myself on Monday and couldn’t decide if I should vomit, off myself, say screw it and eat what I want or smoke a carton of cigarettes. I did none of these and started the clean eating. Here are my thoughts.

1.  What a pain in the ass. Cooking all my food. Really? I hate cooking.

2. I’m not hung up on clean and nothing processed will ever touch my lips again. Seriously! Processed and junk food is the best and tastes fabulously and takes zero effort or thought to prepare.

3. I lost 6.5 yes SIX AND A HALF POUNDS this week. Of course last Monday’s weight was probably a little inflated from a four-day stress eating binge but who the hell cares! I am back down to weight watcher goal weight so if I went to a meeting, I wouldn’t have to pay.

4. I know understand why ladies didn’t work in the old days. I cannot imagine preparing and cooking food from scratch and trying to work full-time. It’s been a challenge and I only work 24 hours a week. On day 2 work wanted me to come in at 8 and I had an hour of cooking to do before I could leave house so someone else came in and I came in later. I’m glad I skipped a couple of hours than throwing in the towel on day 2.

5. I am beginning to understand the obesity and diabetes epidemic in this country. Given the choice of quick and cheap over time-consuming and priceless I get it.

So I am now onto week two. We shall see how things go.

Mole moral~ cooking still sucks even in light of a nice weight loss


Magical Thinking

For the longest time I have always come up with the worst case scenario so it wouldn’t happen. For example, a co-worker has a headache so I say they have meningitis and are going to die. Also, if a patient has a symptom I get the situation diagnosed to almost coding and in ICU. Since this rarely, if ever happens, I am convinced thinking the worst makes it not happen. Back when I saw my counselor she asked me if I really thought i had magical thinking. Although I told her no, I sometimes still believe I do. This week I had a couple of patient situations come up in which I did indeed predict the worst case and nothing happened. Everything was fine. So this just furthers my delusion! And Meg said to me “so you are a rainbow unicorn” last night and then sent me this meme today! I loved it.









Mole moral~ I am a badass unicorn! I will keep the worst case to myself so I don’t freak out the patients. As for my family, friends and co-workers, they are all on their own.