Happy Birthday Emily

imageToday is May 23, 2015 and Emily’s twenty-third birthday. What makes it even more special is she was born on a Saturday afternoon and today is Saturday. I’m just trying to orientate any of the un-orientated people who might be reading today. It’s hard to believe that it has been 23 years ago since I sent Brian to the bar with his friends and went to my mom’s house on a Friday night to watch my Uncle Larry try to beat this one level he and my mom were stuck on in Mario World for Super Nintendo. (That was at least 3 or 4 Nintendo gaming systems ago.) My mom came with us to the hospital I do believe and she would call Uncle Larry from time to time to see if he had beaten the level yet. If I remember correctly he still hadn’t beaten it when Emily was born. When I arrived at the hospital I was convinced I was at least 3cm dilated. Not even close, I was a whopping 1cm. By the time 5 am rolled around and I was finally a 3 the anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted an epidural. My response “yes, I don’t care if you paralyze me and I never walk again, do something about these contractions.” She was horrified I said that but I was dead serious! So my doctor came by around 7 before Saturday office hours and broke my water. Things progressed along nicely and around 10:30 my nurse said I should have the baby before lunch. The next thing I knew I was crazy as a loon and told everyone I was playing Mario in my head and making up levels as I go. Uncle Larry finally arrived and I said “hi honey” or something to that effect. I never talk like that. I asked the nurse what she put in my IV when I come out of that and she said I was just delusional from being up all night. I to this day do not believe this. I will always be convinced my doctor didn’t want his office hours screwed up and needed to delay my birth. (All my life I was convinced something went wrong with my appendectomy since I was in the hospital for a week and I found out from Dr. Meiners that my appendix most likely burst and I was never told based on the amount of adhesions Dr. V. found and the length of time I was in the hospital and my giant scar.) Uncle Larry and mom went to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Uncle Larry came back up to see if anything was happening. He stood outside the door and heard Emily be born. Brian and I had fought for nine months about boy or girl and we did not find out. She was born and we just stared at her until the nurse finally asked if it were a boy or a girl. Finally uncle larry yelled through the door, “do we have an Emily or a Larry.) I said Emily and he went back down to the cafeteria to tell mom. They all came in and saw her. Now the Moehlmann’s were at the Lake of the Ozarks at their lake house. So they drove back and also arrived shortly after Emily was born. They visited with her for a couple of hours and then went back to the lake as it was Memorial Day weekend (just like it is this weekend). I was discharged on Memorial Day and was crying as the tech wheeled me out. Brian asked her what was wrong with me and she said “honey, this is totally normal.” I think I was overtaken with the spirit of every post partum hormonal woman ever when I looked at him and said “I told you so!” And so we brought Emily home and the adventure began.

Happy Birthday Emily Mole!


Ten days post op

IMG_8048The past ten days have been a living nightmare. As usual I thought I would wake up from surgery and just be my normal self. As if that would ever happen. If I had pain, I didn’t really notice it! I was way too busy being nauseated, dizzy and a raging headache. I even called the doctor office on Thursday and asked for Zofram. Which by the way did NOTHING. So yesterday in one last-ditch effort before I off myself I decided to go to the store and get the over the counter medicine for motion sickness. I always have horrible issues with post op nausea and vomiting. I expected to feel better within an hour. Like that didn’t happen either. So I went to be at ten last night and slept 11 hours and feel 100 times better. I wish I would have thought of this like last week. I swear I will need to be at death’s door before I consider surgery again. There are many days I think I should have just stayed fat and on the couch as this all started from running. If I wouldn’t have run, I wouldn’t have wanted my bladder fixed. Then I wouldn’t have had a hysterectomy and the stupid pathology report on my uterus. My adhesions wouldn’t have moved putting me in the worst pain ever. I wouldn’t have had repeated left-sided inflamed muscle pain. Then I would have never had the giant wart removed off my foot. I wouldn’t have bought into the minimalist running movement and caused plantar fasciitis in both feet requiring surgery a year apart. However, without all the running my resting heart rate wouldn’t be 48, making me a “finely tuned athlete”. My husband calls himself that because his heart rate is the same. However, he is on a beta blocker so it should be. BAHAHAHA

Mole moral~ Is it time to go back to work yet? It’s hard to keep a crackhead down!



My one hundredth blog-post!

Today is Allyson’s fourteenth birthday so there is no better way to celebrate than with my one hundredth blog post being about her. At this time fourteen years ago I was in the hospital with my sister and my sister-in-law and we were waiting for Brian and Johnny to get home from the lake. It was a Sunday morning. They did not leave when I first called them, so by the time Brian finally arrived an epidural had been placed to slow down my labor so he wouldn’t miss the entire thing. I was so numb that I couldn’t even sit up to push right so we all chatted for about two hours and by then my uterus had done all the work and she was out within three pushes or less.

She is the artist and musician in the family. She asked for a keyboard a couple of Christmas’s ago and learned how to play by ear. She then requested a guitar last year for her birthday and was doing well on it, until a string broke and her lazy mother still has yet to take her to get it replace. She has been asking for an electric guitar for at least a year so on Monday I surprised her and said let’s go pick out a guitar. I had googled what is the best guitar place in St. Louis. I picked the place based on excellent costumer service. They said some of the stuff could be pricey but it always goes on sale. Since I had no idea where to start, I didn’t need a jerk not wanting to be bothered. We got a really super nice guy and so she picked a purple guitar and went with the cheapest amp for now. He took her over and showed her how it worked. Of course we also had to purchase a cable and a carrying case. I felt like I was buying a computer. So she came home and plugged it in and Kayla said oh no you aren’t playing that thing right now. I asked her if she wanted to take lessons and she is going to think about it. There is no reason to sign her up, if she is not interested. She has not spent much time with it yet because she is right in the middle of another creation.

Sometime in January or February she became interested in fur suits and fur suit dancing so she decided to create her own. She started with the head and watched YouTube videos and did it all on her own. She then had me make the body of the costume while she did the hands and feet. However, it was so hot with all of it on, she rarely if ever wears the costume and instead cut out sleeves and had me sew them for her on the sewing machine. So this was her first attempt.











The head was too big for her to dance like she wanted to it, so she started on a different head. She also decided she wanted to try out of the talent show at school so she put the rush on to finish it. She made the talent show which is next Monday. When I went to pick her up for her orthodontic appointment on Monday the secretary and reading teacher were raving about her try out. They couldn’t believe her dancing abilities (she free styled it) but were really shocked when I told her she made the costume herself. They also said all the kids loved it, and I could attend the talent show on Monday if I wanted to. I am not sure if I want to navigate crutches, it will depend on how I feel. However my neighbor’s daughter is on student council and will video it for me. So this is her second costume and a link to her dancing in our side yard. She was quite annoyed that Brian kept video bombing her as he was cleaning out his work truck.










And now she is working on this head with the eyes that follow you. It is going to be purple and we had to order grey and purple fur off of the internet. Let me just say that it is not cheap but cheaper than drug rehab. And it keeps her busy most of the time. I cannot wait for this to come together to see how the purple will look. It’s longer fur as well so pretty exciting.

Version 2


IMG_7789 (1)









Happy Birthday Allyson Nicholemann!

Mole Moral~ I would have never guessed the day she was born that she would be a fur suit creator. So cool and so much fun!





Sticker Shock

The moles own four cars. Kayla has an 2002, Emily a 2004, me a 2006 and Brian a 2011. Please tell me how he ended up with the newest and best vehicle. I guess that’s what happens when you are outnumbered 4 to 1 in your own house. About six month after  Kayla got her car, she kept saying the brakes weren’t right. Brian looked at them several times and even fixed the back rear brake as it kept locking up. After that was fixed the front brake was then acting up. He changed the pads and they were becoming even worse so he took it to the shop down the street. The guy looked at it and said the brake fluid had been contaminated and the entire system had to be replaced. He suggested we ditch the car and start over. As if I have five grand lying around and the time to try to find another car with low miles. Her car is only at around 50K miles so the engine and the transmission should be good for a long while. I hate to say that and jinx myself, (Refer to my magical thinking post). After much discussion and yelling we decided to fix it. I googled contaminated brake fluid and every single person that posted that they had the issue it started in the rear brake locking up and moved right along the course of Kayla’s car. The guy that fixed us told us it can take one to two years after the wrong fluid is placed before it ruins everything. So either the dealer did it which seems highly unlikely or the oil change place Brian takes it to. This is the only car that Brian does not change the oil in. He said it is a nightmare and not worth it. However from now on he will be telling those jokers not to fop off any fluid, that he will take care of it himself.

The car was finally finished today. I had already paid 800 so they could order one of the most expensive parts. So I went down to pick it up and it was another 600. The guy didn’t want to take a credit card again as he said my credit card charged them almost 200 for using mine. I of course said that’s total bullshit and asked him if he wanted cash. So he let me take the car and I picked up Kayla. We went to the ATM and the max withdrawal is 300 so I took out 300 and she took out 300. Apparently the ATM was out of 20’s so the guy ended up with 60 ten-dollar bills. He was telling us that the valves could have blown at any moment which would have left zero brakes and could have been a tragic car accident. He also gave her instructions that it would take 200 miles to get the brakes to set so not to be waiting until the last-minute to stop and to give herself plenty of time. He also wants her to bring it back after 100 miles for an adjustment. He was really, really nice.

It’s been a rough week, sharing vehicles and having to drive her to places. It’s one advantage of having older kids, no longer being a chauffeur. After 1400, I hope the repair bills are done for a while. However, my car will be ten years old (I purchased it in 8/05) and if have 167,000 miles on it. The passenger side mirror has been missing for two years or longer. The air conditioner has now gone out. It’s only a matter of time before I will have to crack and get a new one. My hope was for it to last until Kayla graduated high school and I’m a year past that.

Mole moral~ Why didn’t I just write a check you ask? I didn’t even think about it, until Meg asked. That probably made more sense but now the shop has plenty of ten-dollar bills.