Ten days post op

IMG_8048The past ten days have been a living nightmare. As usual I thought I would wake up from surgery and just be my normal self. As if that would ever happen. If I had pain, I didn’t really notice it! I was way too busy being nauseated, dizzy and a raging headache. I even called the doctor office on Thursday and asked for Zofram. Which by the way did NOTHING. So yesterday in one last-ditch effort before I off myself I decided to go to the store and get the over the counter medicine for motion sickness. I always have horrible issues with post op nausea and vomiting. I expected to feel better within an hour. Like that didn’t happen either. So I went to be at ten last night and slept 11 hours and feel 100 times better. I wish I would have thought of this like last week. I swear I will need to be at death’s door before I consider surgery again. There are many days I think I should have just stayed fat and on the couch as this all started from running. If I wouldn’t have run, I wouldn’t have wanted my bladder fixed. Then I wouldn’t have had a hysterectomy and the stupid pathology report on my uterus. My adhesions wouldn’t have moved putting me in the worst pain ever. I wouldn’t have had repeated left-sided inflamed muscle pain. Then I would have never had the giant wart removed off my foot. I wouldn’t have bought into the minimalist running movement and caused plantar fasciitis in both feet requiring surgery a year apart. However, without all the running my resting heart rate wouldn’t be 48, making me a “finely tuned athlete”. My husband calls himself that because his heart rate is the same. However, he is on a beta blocker so it should be. BAHAHAHA

Mole moral~ Is it time to go back to work yet? It’s hard to keep a crackhead down!


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