When I was growing up and my mom would listen to the “oldies but goodies” station, i remember thinking to myself I will always enjoy my kids music. I would stay modern and fresh all of my life. And then I had kids and I swear a person’s brain chemistry changes and you cannot stand their music. I tried really hard, I swear. I would let them listen to Z107.7 in the car for a time until I became homicidal and wanted to run everyone off of the road and then I would change it to the music of my youth. Emily and Kayla would always listen to Nellie and he is from St. Louis but it has to be the most awful rap known to man. Especially when their really cool aunt bought them the real version with all the curse words.

This all came back to me yesterday when Allyson was the DJ in the car when we were off to get more fur for her latest fur suit head. (One of these days, when she is finished I will write about her project). Not only did she turn on rap music but it was rap in German. (One of her fur suit buddies is from Germany). If you like me find rap annoying, you should listen to it in German. It’s a totally different experience. I think it’s worse!

Mole moral~ Everything comes back to bite my in the butt!


The Moles go to Elephant Rocks

IMG_7295At the beginning of the week I asked the girls what they wanted to do on Friday. At first they said the zoo and I said then I am staying home so they asked what I wanted to do. I said well how about Cahokia Mounds and Emily said everyone says it’s boring. I then suggested elephant rocks. I am pretty sure my dad took my sister and I there when we were kids. I had finally went to Johnson Shut In’s back when Emily was about five. So we set out for the rocks today. We took 55 to 67 instead of straight down 21. I had no idea we had so many state parks between our house and there. Anyway we didn’t even make it a mile down the road when I realized we forgot the dog so we turned around and got her. I knew she would love it.

Allyson announced about halfway there that she had been there with her friends Ryan and Trent. We had a great time climbing all over the rocks. Even the dog had a blast but she made me nervous when she would run right up to the edge but she always stopped. Only I could manage to duck under a tree limb and get it jammed into my earhole. Wow did that ever hurt! I didn’t even bleed so I wasn’t allowed to carry on.

IMG_7326The section that looks like elephants was really cool. So were all the names carved into the rock back in the 1800’s. I know none of that would be allowed now. Allyson had an eye doctor appointment so we had to leave earlier than planned. As we were driving out of the park the sun started breaking through the clouds and we had full on sunshine by the time we arrived home.

And for those of you wondering, no there was not a cake there and never had been. It would have been a great place for one though!

Mole Moral~ When walking under trees wear earmuffs!