Taxes are a pain

I finally finished up my taxes today. I was waiting on the 1098-T form from Rockhust and my stuff from Ameriprise. I finally had to call Rockhurst because someone moved (cough Emily) and did not give Rockhust her new address. Luckily they could email me the form. Prior to adding what we paid in tuition for both kids we were only getting 2000 or so back. Because both Emily and Kayla are over 18 we did not get the child tax credit. To which Brian’s solution was to have another kid. I told him he was out of his mind. That a baby costs way more to raise to the age of 22+ than getting an extra 2 grand back a year. Once I added in the college stuff for Emily and Kayla our refund went way way up and so now we are rich for about three weeks. Hahaha.

I then proceeded to the FASFA so that Jefferson College will get off my back about filling it out. She won’t qualify for financial aid but by filling it out now, it will save me time when she goes to the big expensive college. Ha.

Now that I have wasted three hours of my day off, its time to find something fun to do, like take a nap. HAHAHAHA.


Craft projects overload

Last week I had five craft projects all going on at the same time.I truly felt I was getting nowhere with any of them when someone from work told me to finish one at a time. Oh this was genius so why couldn’t I think of it. So the first thing I did was finish all four baby bibs I had half started. In my defense I had run out of thread for three of them and was just too lazy to go to the store. Next up was my cake ornaments to finish. (Ok so this is the real reason for todays blog).I finished those the other day so now I am finishing up the t-shirt quilt I am making for Emily’s PT school friend. This weekend I also have to make a fur suit for Allyson (I will post that entire story next week after its debut). And lastly I still have to paint my big real 250 cake. However let’s get back to the cakes I made.

So last October while riding the exercise bike at the rec center I came up with the wild idea to make cakes for all nine people I drug out to see cakes and make one for myself. The first thing I had to do was find wood so I went to Hobby Lobby and they had what I was thinking of. the two round sections of the cake were actually wheels probably to be used to make a wagon or something. However I persuaded Brian to get out his electric sander and sand the tread out of them. I was going to do it by hand but I would probably still be sanding today. I have never painted anything in my life except to stain the fence and the deck. Both of which are located outside and if I messed it up, who cares. Well actually the paint drips bug Brian but not enough for him to stain. Hahaha. So I asked Emily if I should prime the wood and she said yes. So I base coated them all white twice and waited like 2 days between coats. I refused to be in a rush and mess them all up. After that i picked out everyone’s favorite color and painted them and then I was stuck like for a long time. They were suppose to be Christmas ornaments but it was well after Christmas before I finished. It took a while for the ideas to come to me but I think they turned out well. So I am going to post pictures and what all the stuff means. This is mostly for the family but if you are not related to me and not bored to tears feel free to read.

My first cake was Emily’s and her favorite color was mint green. After I painted the icing black we decided it looked like Frankenstein so I went with it. I originally planned for these to be Christmas ornaments but my sisters and mine will be sitting out year round. Each cake has the person’s name and how many cakes they say. Emily’s car is named Frank and Frank is now short for Frankenstein.

IMG_7026 IMG_7027 IMG_7028 IMG_7029






My second cake was my sisters. Since her cake was purple I got the idea to paint grapes on hers. It made me think of the cake at Washington Historical Society which my bosses boss ended up owning by offering a donation.

IMG_6999 IMG_6998 IMG_6997

Kayla’s cake was next and I got the wise idea to attempt to draw the Piasa Bird her cake as a reminder of the caking day in Alton where we couldn’t find over half the cakes. We really thought we were looking for a bird statue and could not believe it turned out to be painted on a cliff and looked nothing like a bird. She has a jazz shoe because of her jazz solo when she danced. Because she always goes to the movies I decided I could draw the Wehrenberg Theater logo. She at least recognized it when she looked at it.

IMG_7032 IMG_7031 IMG_7030








I then decided to do Sierra’s. When she was born she had reddish hair and Brian almost immediately started calling her Finster for Chuckie Finster from the Rugrats. Chuckie was afraid of everything and Sierra ran a close second. They had similar personalities and we all blamed Brian because of the nickname. As she got older he started calling her Finstermiester. This past year she went with her father to the G-Eazy concert. He is some singer that i have never heard of. I drew a map of Africa on one side and the Arnold water tower on the other. This was because her father is from South Africa and her mom was from Arnold. Africa did not turn out as well as I had hoped but hey its the thought right?

IMG_6995 IMG_6994 IMG_6993









Next up was Conner and I knew I wanted to do Spiderman. So I googled the Spiderman logo and thought how in the world would I draw that. Well it is the time of the internet so I found a tutorial on how to draw it. I was very excited that when looking down the round part of the candle looks like the round part of the spider. I also put on Superman and his nickname from Brian. Seamus McDonough. After I gave Karen hers she put them on her mantle. Conner has since taken his to his room and put it with his other special things.

IMG_7002 IMG_7003 IMG_7004IMG_7005

Kayla hadn’t been dating Dominic for three weeks before Brian started calling him fry cook. He worked at Steak N Shake so one day it came to me the Golden Spatula from Spongebob. And so his candle is the spatula. I attempted to draw the Steak N Shake hat and bow tie. Dominic also loves to skateboard so I added one on it. My favorite is the spatula!

IMG_7006 IMG_7010 IMG_7009 IMG_7007







It took me a while to do Bridget’s. I have no idea why I had such a hard time. When she first started hanging out at the house she worked at McDonald’s. Her last name is Werner so Brian started calling her McWeenie. Later on he changed it to Weeniesan. She is now teaching at Denoyer Dance so that is also on her. The paint is so dark I couldn’t get the pictures to turn out any better. After I had modge podged it, I noticed an orange dot on the top of the cake. I decided to leave it since orange is my favorite color.

IMG_7020 IMG_7019 IMG_7021








I did Brian’s next. I decided to top of his cake looked like a hockey puck so I made the candle a hockey stick. I then placed his nickname he gave himself at least 20 years ago. We use to watch wrestling and guy was named Valbosky so he started calling himself Mobosky. I drew a golf club and golf ball and wrote Vanilla because his golf friends call him vanilla cause he shoots the ball straight down the middle and never varies. I attempted to draw bowling pins around the top layer. One must use their imagination.

IMG_7014 IMG_7013 IMG_7012 IMG_7011







Mine was easy now that I was on a roll. I put I love cake on the top in X’s to represent my love of cross-stitch. Everyone knows I’m CR and I love to scrapbook. I would save the best for last. Allyson’s.

IMG_7016 IMG_7017 IMG_7015









Allyson wanted minecraft and gave me this picture to make the candle. She had way more confidence in my artist ability than I did. So I did manage to paint the candle pretty close. I then decided to draw a minecraft guy on the top. I showed it to Allyson and I could tell she hated it. IMG_6984It would take me a bit to get it out of her. But finally she looked at me and said mom would you look where the candle would go. Holy crap, I hadn’t even thought of that.  So needless to say I painted over it. She calls herself Wilson Moehlmann on minecraft and Wilson Wolf is her YouTube name so I had to place that on hers. Her fur costume she is working on she calls Woolzey and she loves soccer. I think her cake turned out the best especially after I painted over it and made the top part PG

IMG_7024 IMG_7025 IMG_7023 IMG_7022








Mole Moral~When you grow up in an x-rated house and have all guy friends you are the first one to notice improper candle placement. Although I must admit the candles on the real 250 cakes were a little too phallic in my opinion! I know you are going to look at them. Bahahaha







Unable to deal with the general public

Yesterday was quite the day. It all started when I decided today was the day I was getting Allyson’s phone to work. For quite some time she could receive text messages but not send them. Two weeks ago I called tech support and they had to submit a ticket.  I then got a text saying issue resolved, yet it wasn’t. So I headed up to my store but my favorite sales guy wasn’t working. The guy waiting on me said he had never seen that (go figure, only a mole) and sent me to olive to the support center. When I arrived I could either make an appointment or wait 2 1/2 hours. I chose to wait because I actually had the phone in my hand and it was charged. I then decided to write a letter to my cousin using email. This was a brilliant idea, except I text one finger (he calls me one finger texter and thinks it’s hilarious.) so by the time I was finished my wrist was on fire. Everyone that walked in was pissed about the wait and copped an attitude. I felt bad for the two guys working although it has to be their calling to deal with this hostile environment every day. A couple of people left and would be texted when it was their turn. They didn’t make it back in time, so I got to go. When they showed up they copped another attitude about their time being valuable. I almost said then you shoulf have made an appointment. It would have been stupid for the tech support guys to wait ten minutes until they showed up. Shortly before I was called up, this guy came in and carried on for ten minutes about how his phone doesn’t work and what would they do for him. The guy patiently repeated over and over three-hour wait and then he could help him. The guy left and the worker said its a tequila night to which I shouted shots for everyone. That made everyone laugh. Allyson’s phone was fixed in 15 minutes. It needed a new SIM card.

My next stop was ugas for coffee  I get home and have a Facebook message. I dropped my debit card in the parking lot. I get behind this guy that says he has gas on 6. Right after the lady next to him says she has had on 6. He cops a giant attitude until he is proved wrong. Then tries to say signage is bad. I almost said you are blind and stupid. Then it becomes a math nightmare before he finally leaves. I come home and shut the garage door. I then announce I’m not leaving the house again unless I have a tranquilizer gun. Needless to say, I stayed in

Mole moral ~ Typing this on my phone while waiting for work to start was a stupid idea. My wrist is on fire again. I need to inject myself with a tranquilizer gun especially after the drive in with the snow


Today’s reality check

I worked today and now that my foot has been pain-free for almost 4 months I enjoy my job 99.9% of the time. I even enjoyed today even though I was smacked with reality three times in less than four hours.

Today my bosses were interviewing a new nurse for nights. They were showing her around the unit and introduced me as the seasoned nurse. I looked her and said “I bet I’ve been a nurse longer than you have been alive.” I followed that statement up with “let me go check myself into a nursing home”. This May will be 27 years since I graduated from Deaconess College of Nursing.

Next I was chatting with my patient who is my mom’s age. We were discussing the ages of our kids. When she said hers were 47-53 I thought what is she talking about, her kids should be in their 20’s. I then remembered my mom saying she would be disowning me when I am 50 because she is not old enough to have a 50-year-old daughter. And if this lady is my mom’s age then her kids should be my age and I am not in my twenties even though I always think I am in my head.

Lastly, I ran into a respiratory therapist I haven’t seen long enough to chat with since I left the burn unit almost 15 years ago. I asked him if he ever got married and if he ever had kids.Yes was the answer to both and his kids are 15 and 18. Ok how did that happen, he still looked 25 to me and certainly could not have children that old. Later on I kind of remember his first daughter being born but that was so long ago and yet also seems like just yesterday.

Mole moral~ Time keeps on passing by, and I am getting older. However I will always be 20 and all my friends will be the same age as when I met them as well as their kids. No one ever gets older in my head. Perhaps that is what Heaven will be like!


Full Circle (yes another cake posting)

IMG_4565Today I walked in the Beggin Barkus Pet Parade with the cake lovers. (http://stlouis250cakelovers.com). I had such a good time meeting new people who have the same love for these crazy cakes as I do. Let me back up to Allyson’s and mine second cake adventure. This was right after we had returned from Big Stuf camp. Our tenth cake was at Clementine’s which was St. Louis first LGBT bar. There were two men sitting outside and when we walked up to the cake, one asked us how many cakes we had seen. I said about ten or so. He told me I must see many more, that finding them is half the fun. (I thought he was kind of crazy at the time, little did I know). He then introduced himself as the cake artist. I said get over here and have your picture taken with my daughter. He asked if I was sure and I said yes. He then told me he also did the Powell Symphony Hall cake. Well I knew at that moment I would for sure have to see that cake. After I got home, I looked up his name and he is Earl Miller.

So today which cake do you think was on the float? The one in the picture of course. And somehow I managed to be the one in the back to help Earl steer the float. This made me extremely nervous because it’s just like steering a boat which I cannot do well at all. I think Earl figured this out pretty quickly and probably wanted to shoot me. I had a hard time talking to him because he’s a cake artist and in my head famous. It would be no different from walking with Michael J Fox. The parade was very cool because I love dogs. Heck growing up I wanted to own a dog farm. I got over that, way too much work but I still love them. I saw so many cool ones. Since it was a pet parade there were other pets there as well. I saw a rooster, a goldfish, a cat, a huge bunny in a stroller and a pig. And some of these guys had on some crazy costumes. I didn’t take any pictures though. After the parade we had to take the float back to Nadine’s Gin Joint (Clementines closed the end of September and the cake was hosted in front of Soulard Art Market) where it will permanently reside. On the way back the float tipped over and the cake went crashing to the ground. My heart stopped beating and I flashed back to dropping mine out in the front yard. At least this time I didn’t gouge my leg which I still have the mark from. I felt horrible especially since Earl was right there. I set my bag down and totally forgot about it. Thankfully, Jason was paying attention and grabbed it for me. So we righted it and then somehow I ended up in charge of steering. Those of you who know why my passenger side view mirror is missing can understand the comedy of me being in charge. When we got back I told Earl I was sorry it fell and he told me not to worry it wasn’t damaged. There were a couple of scuff marks but I am sure he could fix that in two seconds flat where it would take someone like me three weeks or longer. I would have to research it and think about it for a while. Better to take my time than to mess it up.

Mole moral~I would have never guessed last summer that I would be walking with a cake artist and his cake. One of the most coolest cake experiences so far.