Taxes are a pain

I finally finished up my taxes today. I was waiting on the 1098-T form from Rockhust and my stuff from Ameriprise. I finally had to call Rockhurst because someone moved (cough Emily) and did not give Rockhust her new address. Luckily they could email me the form. Prior to adding what we paid in tuition for both kids we were only getting 2000 or so back. Because both Emily and Kayla are over 18 we did not get the child tax credit. To which Brian’s solution was to have another kid. I told him he was out of his mind. That a baby costs way more to raise to the age of 22+ than getting an extra 2 grand back a year. Once I added in the college stuff for Emily and Kayla our refund went way way up and so now we are rich for about three weeks. Hahaha.

I then proceeded to the FASFA so that Jefferson College will get off my back about filling it out. She won’t qualify for financial aid but by filling it out now, it will save me time when she goes to the big expensive college. Ha.

Now that I have wasted three hours of my day off, its time to find something fun to do, like take a nap. HAHAHAHA.

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