School Board meeting

Last night was the Fox school board meeting and since I was off work I decided to attend. It was very interesting. It started with them doing a short video on a bus driver and what his day is like. My first thought was those people don’t get paid enough to drive 70 crazy kids around town. I learned all about safety features on the bus that I didn’t know existed. It was really interesting.

Once they moved on to public comments things became really interesting. First of all someone got up and attempted to attack the acting superintendent by asking him how he could even show his face after admitting that he knew staying in the expensive hotels was wrong but did it anyway because the previous superintendent told him too. They shut him down immediately and said you cannot attack a specific board member on a public forum. They did however agree to let him come into closed session. I am not sure if they have ever done that before. It was kind of funny because this guy basically said what everyone in Arnold has been thinking for months. How can any of these people still show their face after what has come out. This includes the teachers whose bad comments on the Topix website were traced back to their home. One of them was sitting on the board last night. Another person got up and asked why they would make the starting salary of the next superintendent 170-210 thousand dollars. By starting that high we would be right back where we are in regard to salary and we are not the Ladue or Clayton district. He encouraged the board to start the person at the 170 mark. A teacher stood up to explain the amendment 3 issue that is on the ballot. She recommended voting no and after hearing her speak the only thing she left out was that if voted in we are well on our way to being stuck with the common core and our kids instead of taking 26 standardized tests in 12 years would be over 220 and the school has to pay for all the tests. I cannot figure out what was wrong with the way I learned things in school and why we are trying to dumb down our kids and make life all about testing. However that is another issue for a different post.

After public comments they then decided to have the board members meet with each of the elementary school principals for their plans to improve their school. This took well over an hour. At first i thought maybe it was a ploy so most people would leave but then I decided it was so the principals weren’t stuck at this meeting until almost ten o’clock since they had worked all day. Of course so had everyone in the room except for me. So who knows but I stuck around and spent time texting and reading (against my better judgement) Steven King’s The Stand. I am remembering how much I loved that book. Then Rich came over and said hi and I talked to him for quite a while. He is very easy to talk too. Of course I knew I would get hell at home from Brian for this. He constantly teases me saying I’m leaving the family for Rich. As if I have time for that nonsense!.

The most ridiculous comment came out of the talk about replacing Cheryl Hermann the board member who resigned last month. I can’t remember which one said it but it was to the effect maybe we could have a past board member sit in until election time because they would know what they are doing. Oh if anyone on the topix site heard that they will go nuts. Because why would we bring back in a “rubber stamper cronies of Dianne’s who started this mess in the first place?” I can hear it now. I don’t know what the answer is but that was not the best suggestion for sure.

I can finally put faces to everyone’s names. It has taken four school board meetings but finally I can recognize them. Now if I would only meet Sam Ferry. He’s not on the school board but was instrumental in bringing to light the hiring of the Linda Nash’s daughter in law to be head of the nutrition department. She was unqualified and remains unqualified to this day. And for my nurse friends you may be interested to know that the head nurse (for lack of a better word)  of the nurses at Fox does not have a BSN and makes about 10 grand more a year than a full-time nurse at Mercy that is at the ceiling with pay. Very, very interesting.

And that is my personal take on the school board meeting.


The 250 St. Louis cakes update

So earlier this week I dreamed Allyson and I went back to this park that was located somewhere close to broadway and there was a second cake. I was like we have to go see this except we kept getting on the wrong street and then people started trying to get us. We were on bikes by this time. (Ok so in real life I needed to get up and go to the bathroom). So maybe three days later I get on the official website to see if they have placed another cake which they had not but I learned the cake in front of Bush Stadium is no longer on display. This is a real shame because this is a really cool cake. So I did some research and I learned two things. First of all in a bizarre twist of fate my dream was partially correct. Ameren UE donated a ton of money to the cake fund so they asked for a second cake and were granted one. The employees decorated it and it was indoors and no one but employees could see it. They have since moved it outside until the end of the year. Looks like Emily and I will be running by Ameren again. (Oh yes I am a crazy obsessed fruitcake). Also I thought perhaps the Cardinal cake was removed because of the playoffs. Nope. The artist wanted her name on a plate on the cake and could not come to terms with Stl250 so the Cardinals removed it and put it in storage at an undisclosed location. It’s really a shame that the artist would rather not even have it out on display. I’m just glad I drug Emily all over the place on her break between summer and fall school! Thursday is the day we all we gather and see the two cakes located down here in Arnold. I am pretty excited!IMG_4841


29 years ago today

It was twentyIMG_5902 nine years ago that someone named Brian Moehlmann showed up at my doorstep wearing this shirt. (Yes, I have kept it all these years. A couple of years ago he put it on and told me it still fit. I told him it fit like the Hulk was wearing it, about to bust out of it. It was so funny looking on). Anyway why I ever got into the car is beyond me. Most likely because my really good friend Lisa Rush fixed us up because Brian was thin and I liked thin guys. Something must have clicked on that date because it’s been 29 years and still growing strong. I met his mom on our first date too. I am not sure where his dad was but they had just gotten a fairly new dog that was being stubborn about potty training. We ended up playing pool in his basement. Or I should say he played, I watched. I rarely play pool to this day because he is some sort of pool shark and I suck! It’s only nine more days until we have been married for 24 years. Allyson told us a couple of weeks ago that we will never be divorced. We both shook our heads and then smacked our foreheads and said bummer! Life with moles, interesting in a bizarre sort of way!


Another day, another adventure

1977370_2699390406160_2763049538933809759_nMy day started yesterday with Emily waking me up to tell me her car was dead again. It had died two days prior at school and Rockhurst security jumped her. She drove it for a while. She said her lights were on both times and she didn’t leave them on. That kid has never left her lights on so I am thinking is it some weird glitch from the dash being ripped apart. She found a ride to school but she was supposed to babysit for Shelly for the first time and asked if she should cancel. I said no way you made a commitment and we will figure out a way to make it work. After thinking for maybe five minutes I knew I was going to have to go and switch cars out to bring it home and have it looked at. I think PT school might actually be worse than nursing school! I remember my stress level and considering Emily is just like me there is no way she could deal with trying to find a place to have her car looked at, being without a vehicle for a couple of days and all the other crap that goes along with it. She will be home in two weeks but no way could she deal every morning was her car going to be dead or start. So the dog and I took a road trip. The dog got play with her PT friends on campus and loved it. We went out to lunch/dinner and then called the triple A guy. Emily had to leave to babysit before he showed up. He checked the battery. Said it was four years old and being totally discharged twice in three days it was pretty much shot. He offered to put a new one in. I said heck yes then I could stop to use the restroom if needed and the car would start. He thinks the fuse to the radio is still in the on position (normally turns off when you turn off the car) and is draining the battery so Brian’s job is to get it off. I think we might have to take it in just to make sure they didn’t jack up any other electrical stuff when they destroyed her dash for the cheap radio. So so annoying.

I had plans yesterday to work on the California trip and to run. I knew yesterday it was going to rain today so I decided if it rained all day then I would just watch Criminal minds (it was on last night while I was driving home) and use my treadmill. However it stopped raining and I got my run in. I think I have finally found the key to that. I have only been running two days a week and my foot has been incision pain-free since the Ovarian cancer run. Now the goal is to break the thought in my head to try three days a week! I need to be content with two for now because two is way better than NONE!


Was this really necessary?

Last year vandals cut the catalytic converter off of Emily’s car to get probably 50 bucks for it and cost 300 to replace. Yesterday she went outside to find her car broken into and the radio stolen.



Was it really necessary to destroy her dash for a 70 Wal-Mart radio? I am assuming it was druggies looking for something to pawn so they could get a quick fix. They jacked up her window on the passenger side as well. With her being four hours away, Brian cannot fix it until she comes home in October. She has no guy friends or friends with dads (in KC) that know anything about cars. Emily and I realized yesterday what a treasure her father and my husband really is. I know he can fix the window and get the dash back together to a reasonable state. Her car is old and she lives in a nice area in KC. She is a mole and just has the worst luck. So now we have to decide replace the radio so a punk can steal it or get the kind where you can remove it and she can bring it in the house every night. (umm annoying). Oh and the best part they left her credit card in the car and didn’t take that. Oh the life with moles!