Was this really necessary?

Last year vandals cut the catalytic converter off of Emily’s car to get probably 50 bucks for it and cost 300 to replace. Yesterday she went outside to find her car broken into and the radio stolen.



Was it really necessary to destroy her dash for a 70 Wal-Mart radio? I am assuming it was druggies looking for something to pawn so they could get a quick fix. They jacked up her window on the passenger side as well. With her being four hours away, Brian cannot fix it until she comes home in October. She has no guy friends or friends with dads (in KC) that know anything about cars. Emily and I realized yesterday what a treasure her father and my husband really is. I know he can fix the window and get the dash back together to a reasonable state. Her car is old and she lives in a nice area in KC. She is a mole and just has the worst luck. So now we have to decide replace the radio so a punk can steal it or get the kind where you can remove it and she can bring it in the house every night. (umm annoying). Oh and the best part they left her credit card in the car and didn’t take that. Oh the life with moles!

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