My life really is a comedy!

A couple of months ago Dr. Veronikis told Amy that he would like to have a WH get together and for her to plan it. I’m not going to lie, I was totally excited and I told Amy I don’t care when it is but make sure it’s not when I’m on my anniversary trip. So between his schedule and the nurses,┬áthe best day was today which also happens to be Friday the thirteenth! I had been looking forward to this and was the first one to sign up.

Well tonight I got stuck at work until 10:15 and missed the entire thing. I got a little tearful and the night-shift asked if it was because of work. I said heck no, I’m so disappointed I missed the party! Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t usually get out of work late so this was totally unusual and freaking comical!

Amy called me on her way home and told me Dr. V. had a great time and said we need to do this more often. Oh that made my heart happy and made missing the party totally irrelevant!


Mole Moral~ After I hung up I turned on Joy FM and the next song that played was Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is Our God”. Yep I sung it in full voice and said not only is he great, he’s freaking AWESOME!