Disney Day

This week is spirit week at work. This reminded me of when my girls were in grade school. Today was Disney day and the endo girls informed me I was to represent endo. Well Disney is one of my favorite places so I took the challenge and ran with it.

I wore my favorite Disney running shirt from the Disneyland half marathon. Of course it is orange and short sleeves and a favorite. I dug out my monsters inc scrub cap I made during the first few months of covid and my Mickey ears from when Emily and I went three years ago. I was proud of how I looked until Sarah told me I looked like a psycho. Well everyone knows I’m psycho but I try to not look the part so I skipped having my picture taken. I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to how insane I actually looked.

I ended up being assigned to washing all the scopes all day which meant no one would see my ears. They are pretty tight on my head so I avoided a headache. Amanda told me since it’s Disney day I should listen to Disney music so I dialed up Disney sing along songs and had a great time in the scope room. Not only was I singing but dancing as well so I’m sure I looked like a complete psycho but I had a wonderful day.

It dawned on me that when I was young my dad took my sister and I to quite a few Disney movies. Cinderella, The Apple Dumpling gang, Pete’s Dragon and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all came to mind. This is most likely what led to my love of Disney movies.

I was 17 the first time I went to Disney World. My parents divorced when I was five but remained good friends. My mom called my dad to tell him of her plans and he said he always wanted to go to Disney so how about if he comes with us and pays for it. My favorite memory was conning my mother into riding space mountain. She nearly had a heart attack and never forgave us for talking her into it. The three of us loved it and rode it at least two more times. Epcot was the only other park back then and we were not that impressed. Not enough rides and walking around the world showcase was beyond boring. I know my mom liked that part but us three six flag lovers wanted the rides. I do remember after the trip was over I understood why my parents were friends but not married to each other.

Today was a good day, full of wonderful memories of my childhood and my kids childhoods as well. Before I started endo anytime I got up early to work at seven I would sing “Prince Ali, Ababwa strong as ten regular men check it and see.” I had no idea I even did this until Emily pointed it out. I can’t sing at all so it’s a good thing I stopped this since I’m up for work three to four times a week.

Mole Moral ~ If you don’t have fun at work, perhaps you are not in the right place.


The rule follower breaks the rules


Last night was Kayla’s last dance recital ever. She is going to nationals next week but I am not going so it was the final. Many have asked aren’t you sad. Not really. Besides the fact that most of the time watching three nights in a row of dance is about as exciting as watching paint dry, my goal has always been to get these girls grown up and be able to live as independent successful people. Each milestone that we reach gets us closer to goal. Now with this said I will probably be hospitalized with empty nest syndrome. Until that time I plan to celebrate each success.
Wow I really wandered off track. Anyway the rule has always been no photos and no video taping during recital. Flash photography can distract the girls and be dangerous and video taping can lead to people ripping off the routines. They do have rehearsal in which we are allowed to do both. However, Kayla had to miss rehearsal because it was the same day as graduation.
This year I put my foot down and insisted that Brian and Kayla were doing the father daughter dance. They have both always refused in the past but I told them its the last year, you are doing it for me. Ok so I threw the mom card down. It worked and they danced and it was awesome. Now Emily had planned to leave straight from school and come last night but school ran an hour late and she couldn’t come. She was so disappointed she burst into tears. I felt badly for her and I knew she really wanted to see the father daughter dance. So I decided I was videoing the part with Brian and Kayla. What would they do? Arrest me? I had already purchased the DVD. Of course I did not realize my stupid phone did not zoom on video and I couldn’t download an app to do it so it’s far away but I sent it to Emily and she could pick out Brian.
So I have survived not following the rules. I about had an anxiety attack so it will be a while before I try that again!