The rule follower breaks the rules


Last night was Kayla’s last dance recital ever. She is going to nationals next week but I am not going so it was the final. Many have asked aren’t you sad. Not really. Besides the fact that most of the time watching three nights in a row of dance is about as exciting as watching paint dry, my goal has always been to get these girls grown up and be able to live as independent successful people. Each milestone that we reach gets us closer to goal. Now with this said I will probably be hospitalized with empty nest syndrome. Until that time I plan to celebrate each success.
Wow I really wandered off track. Anyway the rule has always been no photos and no video taping during recital. Flash photography can distract the girls and be dangerous and video taping can lead to people ripping off the routines. They do have rehearsal in which we are allowed to do both. However, Kayla had to miss rehearsal because it was the same day as graduation.
This year I put my foot down and insisted that Brian and Kayla were doing the father daughter dance. They have both always refused in the past but I told them its the last year, you are doing it for me. Ok so I threw the mom card down. It worked and they danced and it was awesome. Now Emily had planned to leave straight from school and come last night but school ran an hour late and she couldn’t come. She was so disappointed she burst into tears. I felt badly for her and I knew she really wanted to see the father daughter dance. So I decided I was videoing the part with Brian and Kayla. What would they do? Arrest me? I had already purchased the DVD. Of course I did not realize my stupid phone did not zoom on video and I couldn’t download an app to do it so it’s far away but I sent it to Emily and she could pick out Brian.
So I have survived not following the rules. I about had an anxiety attack so it will be a while before I try that again!

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