Close to going to postal on the post office!

Ordering Emily’s textbooks for college has always been a nightmare. The website insists on sending them to the address the credit card is in. Well of course that address is my address and she always waits till the last minute; therefor, I end up having to mail them to her. After she graduated, I made her order her summer books the next day. Only one came before she went back to school. So the other four finally arrive and I went straight to my favorite place (the post office) to mail them. I have a love affair with the mail and wait every day for it to come. So the guy waits on me and asks me if I want insurance. I said you know I usually pass but this is 300 worth of textbooks so I said sign me up. So for five bucks my package is now insured. This was on a Wednesday and it was guaranteed delivery by Monday. Well Monday came and no package so I got on line for tracking and all it says is the package was accepted at Imperial. So I waited until Friday and then I email customer service because the option to speak to someone on the 1-800 number is not available. What company turns off the customer service option? Apparently my favorite place. Well my email must have gotten some attention because someone from the Arnold post office called me on Saturday. Apparently my package was sent media mail and can take a month or longer to get there. He tells me it will get delivered eventually. I inform him I have 300 worth of insurance on this package. I then smart off and ask how long I will have to wait, like a year. He says not that long. Well after 14 days I can report this as lost and get my insurance money. We shall see how fast they find the package then. At this point I’d be willing to go get it from the central mailing office and mail them via the brown clowns. (UPS). And now that Emily will be at the same place for the next three years she is changing her address on her credit card and this problem will be solved. In the meantime where the bleep is her books?

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