As usual, I have no clue what I am doing!


While driving home from dropping Allyson off at art camp I made the decision to start a blog. My counselor suggested it a few years ago but I have always been one slow to listen. I came up with the perfect name “life with moles.” As I learned to accept a long time ago, my life is always a comedy….of errors.
I decided my first post will be about yesterdays adventures. I signed Allyson up for art camp. I have wanted to for the past couple of years but didn’t because of the cost. This year I threw caution to the wind and signed her up for four different weeks. I will have to beg for extra shifts when I return to work. So I pick her up and ask how it went. She said our first project was to take clay and show texture and I rolled it out flat and wrote TEXTURE in it. Then she said I won. I was impressed with her cleverness. I would have tried to make the clay lumpy or something stupid like that. It is why I am a nurse and not an artist.
While working on this Kayla attempts to take her antibiotic for her tonsillitis. She puts it in her mouth, takes a drink of water, starts choking and then it flew out of her mouth nearly missing the table. And that folks is life with moles!

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