FaceBook Notes 2008

January 2, 2008

New Years at the nut house

Brian and I never go anywhere on New Years Eve so the when I am off (every other year) we agree to watch his brothers kids. Well I had talked to them about sending their new dog over to watch but they said they weren’t bringing her. I never said anything to Brian. He is watching them get out of the car and he says “what is Chloe doing here?” I was like oh crap Teresa said she wasn’t bringing her so I didn’t say anything to her just go along with it. So he did and he was real nice about it because Chloe came over on Christmas and was so well behaved. She is a puggle and at least a year old. She doesn’t chew stuff up and she is totally potty trained. Well Cody (Emily’s boyfriend) came over too. Once he got to our house the dog wouldn’t get away from him. Cody prefers big does so this little 16 pound rut was kind of bothering him. To make matters worse she kept licking her paws and scratching her ears right next to him. Well I being the nutcase I am just keep cracking up laughing at the top of my lungs. Emily is like “mom you promised to behave” and I crack up in witch like laughter and say I just can’t this is too freaking funny.” So everyone leaves and we all go to bed after midnight. Well at 6am I hear our door barge open and I think it is Allyson coming in. Next thing I know Chloe has jumped up on our bed. Brian is not a big dog person and Annie was never allowed to sleep with us. He was ok with her being there till she started licking her paws. Since the house is dead quite this is like the loudest noise imaginable. So he is like make her stop that so I kind of shake her and then she proceeds to start scratching and the noise is so loud. I am now laughing almost as loud as the night before. She also has her name tag and her rabies tag on and they are jingling so loud it is driving us both nuts. While cracking up laughing I am saying I remember now why we took Annie’s tags off. Well the dog won’t stop licking and scratching and Brian tells me to take her outside to pee. She had only went once and that was at 11 last night. I tell him no way am I going outside. So he finally can’t take it anymore and gets up and takes her out. She refuses to pee just sniffs all over the yard. So they come back in and he shuts our door all the way so she can’t come in. We then hear her howling but her howl is hilarious. It is real soft and low and so funny. She was trying to get in bed with Kayla. Everyone finally got up around nine this morning and I just laughed all day saying it served me right for laughing so hard at Cody the night before.
Yes my house is fun in an insane sort of way. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did!


January 10, 2008

Burning candles kills germs!?

This statement is probably true in opposite world. My husband is convinced that this work and every time one of the kids gets sick he breaks out the candles and burns them.
Kayla has strep throat and cervical adenitis (a fancy way of saying a bacterial infection of the lymph node in her neck.) Now being a gyn nurse cervical can also mean another area of the body as well. Ha Ha. She may or may not have mono and we are to watch her for the next five days. If the huge lump in her throat is not better by Monday then I get to make a call to the pediatrician and he may order the mono blood test. He did not do it yesterday because there is no treatment for it anyway. He and I seem to have the same thoughts, now isn’t that scary? So I missed another day of work, maybe I’ll get counseled. I can’t remember when I called in last before last month when Kayla was sick once again.


January 12, 2008

RACH-RN saves the day

Nope this is not a note about me saving some patient from the brink of death by beating the life back into them calling it CPR. The title refers to my license plates and they saved my ass today. I think it might have something to do with going out with people I work with anyway.
Today I went down to Pevely to pick up Emily from Ashley’s house. I find the house but the number I have written down is not even close to the mailboxes. Of course I don’t have my (insert major cuss word here) cell phone with me because I left it in my locker at work last Tuesday. So I have to drive 4 miles back to a gas station so I can call Emily and ask her what the hell the house address is. So on the way back down highway Z, I am driving along not paying any attention to anything because I just want to get home. Well at the stop light before turning onto highway 55 I Notice a cop behind me. I say to Emily oh there is a cop behind me, well as soon as I turned the corner on his lights go. I am like what the bleep is the bleep bleep pulling me over for. He was pretty nice and asked me if I knew why he pulled me over. I really had no clue so my clueless wonder fact must have worked some magic. Apparently the speed limit is like 30 on the road and I was going 51. He asked me if I seen the sign saying what the speed limit was and in my blunt ass honesty sort of way I said no I didn’t see it at all but if my 6 year were in the car she would have told me. (Allyson’s new thing is to read every speed limit sign out loud to me.) So he takes my license and insurance card and goes back to his car. So when he comes back he asks me if I am nurse and I say yes. He says he didn’t figure this out till he looked at my name on my license as Rachel. Asked me where I worked and I told him St. Johns. Then I get the line it is against his policy to give tickets to nurses or doctors so if I promise to slow down he will let me go.
Reminded me of a time 3 years ago when I had went out with my work buddies and got pulled over for speeding, except that time I had 2 beers. All I kept thinking was please just give me a speeding ticket and not make me blow in that machine thingy. That guy had the same nurse policy so by the grace of God I got out of that one too. Trust me I would have taken the speeding ticket and not complained.
So my husband cannot believe I got out of it. He asked me if I gave the guy a favor or at least flashed my chest. I had this orange hoodie on that was about choking me. I told him I don’t need my tits to get out of anything. He got so mad he said he is changing his plates to MO-RN. His nickname is Mo.
Love being a nurse!


January 28, 2008

People KILL Me

This note is really written for all my nurse buddies but feel free to read on even if you aren’t a nurse.
So Sunday evening I was scheduled to work. Yawn Yawn it was so slow and nothing like the crazy mid week pace with people coming and going. Let’s just say by 5 I was ready to go home. Well nursing service in their wisdom decided to take all our travelers and leave us with two of our nurses and send 3 from family focus (AKA the mom/baby floor) at 11 pm. Well Bridget was in charge and she told me I could not leave till they got there which was fine because the travelers had to go and she couldn’t watch the entire floor. I informed her I was taping and leaving the minute they got there. She didn’t like that too much but too bad. She asked me if I would take report on the patient coming from ER so I did that around 11:15 with the pull nurse no where in site. The patient arrives to the floor at 11:45 and the pull nurses are still not there. They finally show up at 11:55 and I did give this new patient a shot of morphine. (I have to live up to my drug pusher reputation now don’t I?) So I go tell the nurse who finally shows up that her patient is here. She asked me twice if I did an assessment. The answer would be NO. I was suppose to be gone 30 minutes ago and I was not hanging around for another 30 to do all the BS paperwork that goes along with an admission. I cannot believe they would even expect this. They made me have 30 minutes of incidental overtime waiting for them to get to our floor.
I just can’t believe this… When the day shift gets a patient at 3 and they tell me they will do all the paperwork I always tell them to leave and I will do it. I have 8 hours to get it done and they don’t need to be late to do what I can do myself. Oh well it’s so hard being ME. Ha Ha!


February 5, 2008

The world is coming to an end

How is that for an attention grabber?
Who sleeps with the windows open in February anyway? We did last night! What strange weather we have been having which leads back to the world is ending.
Had to air the house out of all the germs that have been hanging around. Two weekends ago every kid that came over (aka Kim, Cody and Leah) went home and were sick the next day. Two with strep throat no less. My germaphobe husband has banned all kids from the house forever. (like he really has any control around here. Ha Ha). Then Kayla got sick with some sort of flu so he was alcoholing the remote controllers before he would touch them. I tell him that is why he is sick all the time and I usually am not. If he would just take care of patients with MSRA (nasty staph) and drag his ink pen in the room and then forget and stick it in his mouth (nope never done that!) he would be just fine.
Then there is the issue of my mother in laws dream which has me freaked beyond control. She dreamed I was pregnant and she has only had that dream 3 other times (aka Emily Kayla Allyson). I am too freaking old to have some 40 year old love child! But I will keep you all posted on my mother in laws psychic abilities!
Have a great day!!


March 6, 2008

It’s a boy

Finally the all girl Carty curse has been broken! My sister is having a boy. She found out yesterday. The ultrasound was really cool and they gave her 3 D pictures as well. The umblical cord is in them and it looks much better in a picture than real life. Nothing is grosser than the cord.
So the Carty name dies with me and my sister but since she married a McCarty it is kind or carried on. Ok so I am stretching.
Oh and all was well with the baby as well. He has a normal bladder which is always important to me.


March 28, 2008

The black shack has been destroyed

For those of you that knew me when I was a kid you will know the black shack refers to the house I grew up in. My mom purchased it all by herself back in 1979 as a divorced woman of 2 with no help from her parents or anyone else. She originally wanted to paint the house blue but for some reason I started crying because I didn’t want to live in a blue house. (OK so I needed therapy since the age of 12). So she decided to paint it black and it was a rather small house (like 800 square feet) so one day someone called it the black shack and it stuck.
So about 10 years ago my mom met whom she thought was the love of her life and moved out of our house. She sold her house to her now x-husbands son and wife. She sold it to them cheap as well I am thinking like 80000. Back in October we heard the house was going into foreclosure and her x’s son was moving to another state. As soon as the place was vacant my sister and I went over there looking in the windows to scope the place out. (I hadn’t seen it in probably 6 or more years). Well we couldn’t see much so we waited till the real estate sign went up in the yard.
That sign went up maybe 3 weeks ago and my sister went on line and looked at it right before I went on the cruise. Well tonight I looked at it on line and I was shocked and horrified. First of all it was listed 125,000 with needing some work, the price has already dropped to 95,000. I swear the toilet hasn’t been cleaned since the day my mom moved out, it was beyond DISGUSTING. The bedrooms have no carpet in them nor doors on the closets. My mom’s room looks like they took darts and threw them at the walls. The kitchen was probably about the same and looked as it did 10 years ago, the rest was horrifying. I think back to the blood, sweat and tears my mom put into the house and it breaks my heart that these people did not appreciate nor take care of the gift they had been given. I know God has a purpose for everything but was it necessary to destroy my childhood home. My mom really couldn’t even buy it and move back because it needs so much work done and she is too old for that. It is such a shame because it was so wonderful when we lived 5 minutes apart.
Well I really must go now. I made it through without cussing which is probably a good sign that counseling really is making a huge difference in my life!!


April 1, 2008

Cruise Quotes

Cast of Characters

Tracy Brian’s sister
Kyle- Tracy’s son our nephew
Larry Brian’s dad
Judy Brian’s mom

About three hours into the driving portion of the trip the walkie talkie beeps
Judy “You guys hungry?”
Brian “Yeah, they’re munching on everything but the car seats.”

Brian “Kayla run this tie down to Papa and ask him to put it around his neck and get the twist out.”
Kayla “What? Tell Papa to put it around his neck and twist.”

Tracy “I lost my bracelet”
Kayla “ What bracelet?”
Tracy “The one I wear on my wrist.” (points to wrist)

Allyson is watching Scooby Do on carton network (yes the ship has satellite TV)
Emily “Allyson who is the girl with the headband?”
Allyson “Crystal.”
Emily “Who is Crystal?”
Allyson “The girl with the headband.”

Tracy, Kayla and I got our hair braided on an island after returning to the ship
Tracy “Do I take these braids out to sleep?”

Within an hour of getting on the boat Kayla attempts to call Larry & Judy and discovers they have voice mail available. She then calls them back as well as Tracy and Kyle.
Kayla “Seven days till you die!” and hangs up.
The next day she calls “Six days till you die!”
Well we keep on waiting for someone to say something and finally as Kayla was pretending to go the bathroom to leave five days till you die Tracy says in a dead serious voice
“We got another one of those threatening phone calls again.”
Me “oh really what did they say?”
I don’t last five minutes in this conversation before I am laughing so hard I am about to pee my pants and I confess. So Kayla comes back to the table.
Tracy “Hey dad did you get another one of those phone calls?’
Larry “Yes I called the captain and he is looking into it, says they can trace it and kick the person off the ship who is doing it.”
Kayla of course falls for none of it and says nice try. She did call everyday and it worked out the day we got off the ship was the day they would die. This is from the movie the ring in case you didn’t recognize it.

Driving back to the hotel from McDonalds.
Me “This entrance doesn’t look right.”
Emily “Mom it’s the wrong hotel.”
Me “crap don’t tell your dad!”

Before the boat can leave there is mandatory fire drill and everyone has to wear a life jacket. All we have is adult life jackets so we track down our stateroom attendant Mel.
Me “Hey our daughter is almost 7 but she is very tiny and we need a child size life jacket.”
Mel “Let me see her”
Me “Allyson come out here in the hall.”
Allyson walks out in the hall.
Mel “What is wrong with her?”
Me “Watch it she might be tiny but she has a mean bite.”
She ended up with a child life jacket and a great buddy!

This last one was probably funnier actually being there but warrants a place on the list. Brian and I and the girls are walking down the hall to our room and we see Kyle out in the hallway.

Me “Kyle what are you doing in the hallway?”
Kyle “My mom is in there puking” and proceeds to make horrible vomit noises till we are all dying laughing.


April 4, 2008

Hair is hair right?

So last night another rubber band fell out of a braid so I decided screw it I am taking them out in the morning. So I took them out and brushed my hair and a few strands of hair came out. No big deal till I JUMPED IN THE SHOWER AND THE SHIT STARTED COMING OUT IN CLUMPS!!
Holy hell that was freakish and reminded me of when my mom went through chemo and she would touch her hair and it would just fall out. So in my panic stricken state of mind I jump out of the shower call my sister and tell her as soon as my hair is dry I will be over. The bank she works at is 5 minutes from my house.
Well my hair has broken off at the root in the front where the braids are. Not all of it but a huge bunch and she swears my hair is thinner. Almost afraid to wash it again! I am going to have to color it like right away because the roots on the hair I have left are so gray. It just makes me feel so old.
So who knows by the time I return to work on Tuesday my hair (for those of you who know her) may just look like Sonya’s only in red and not white blonde!!


May 8, 2008

How I ended up with nuts for my birthday!

So my sister tells me this morning Brian got me a present so since he doesn’t leave it out for me I look forward all day to coming home and seeing what it was. Honest to God it was a can of mixed nuts. His reasoning is he didn’t have a car tonight so he couldn’t get me a present. He has known about my birthday for a week. So I told him you could have at least gotten me cashews, mixed nuts makes you look really cheap. So he tells me it takes a nut to know a nut.
Of course when I got in at 10:30 someone had locked the garage door so I had to go to the front door and ring the door bell since I don’t have a key to the house. Since I loaned Emily my cell phone for the band trip I couldn’t even call the house to wake him up. So picture me standing on the front porch with this gigantic balloon that work gave me, ringing the doorbell like some kind of nut.
Even after cleaning Kayla’s room for 3 hours working for 4 hours and getting locked out of my own house it was a great birthday! I had a great time with my friends at the Hive tonight! If you didn’t come you missed a lot of fun!!


May 13, 2008

The last two weeks have been well bizarre

So it all started when Brian moved to evening shift. I knew I was in for it as he cannot stand my sleeping schedule even though it works for me. Luckily I had an appointment with counselor nazi on day 2 and I took her suggestions and he stopped calling me rip van winkle. He also went back to days and I had a sleeping party like no other. However, he is going back to evenings tomorrow until Memorial Day so I will have to listen to him huff and puff all over the house till I get up at nine. Even though I go to bed at 1 and I must have 8 hours of sleep or else I am a bigger bitch than usual.
So anyway on his first evening shift he ran his truck up to get it inspected. This truck is 4 years old so it should have passed flying colors. Oh no the guy accuses him 3 times of disconnecting the check engine light. Brian was like I don’t even know what the fuck you are talking about my check engine light has never came on. Apparently in the past you could disconnect the light and still get the emissions test passed but they changed. So Brian brings it back to him the next day and the guy finally decides both the catalytic converters are out. Ok they should never go out. Well Brian thinks this guy is an idiot so he takes his truck to Kenny’s (my sisters husband) trusted mechanic in Festus. This means I have to run him there and back all before work. The guy works on it all day and charges 150 and says it is some sensor that has to be replaced by the dealer. Also there is a recall and it will be fixed for free if the truck is less than 8 years or has 80,000 miles on it. Brian is at 79,500 no pressure there. So he takes it in on Friday and I am without a car. Heard nothing all day. Oh and even though the guy said it was the problem the dealer was like oh no I can’t trust him we have to run our own tests. Now Brian is flipping out by now because we already spent 150 and the dealer will probably charge 300. So finally at noon yesterday they call and say they couldn’t figure out what the problem was so they had to call Detroit MI. Detroit said it is indeed the covered problem but it will take at least two days to get the computer part in. So Brian says give me my truck back and call me when it’s in. He made sure it would still be covered because by then he will be over 80000. I am just thankful it is being fixed for free, although I will not have a car again (I will be off work) but I will still have to find someone to take my kids to all their activities because Brian is working in the evening.
Now if that isn’t enough Thursday on my birthday I decide to clean Kayla and Allyson’s room. I couldn’t take the pig sty anymore. I decide I will wash the 8 million blankets on the floor. I go to put load number 3 in my 3 month old washer and I start getting an error code. I call the 1 800 number and they have me turn off the circuit breaker for 3 minutes to reset the computer brain. (Do not ask my why I just didn’t unplug the thing, I thought of that 2 hours later and from now on that is what I will do). Of course that didn’t work so luckily they could get a service guy out on Friday before we left for the lake. The guy comes out and says it’s the control panel and it will be a week before the part is in. So he schedules me for this Friday. Now some of you know I only do laundry once a week on Sundays so guess where I was on Monday. At the laundry mat doing 7 loads of laundry and 2 comforters. I was there for about 2 hours and find it most interesting that it was all men there doing laundry. There were a couple older ones that were obviously married and doing their wife’s laundry too. It was sweet.
So can anything else break? Don’t answer that. It is about time for our TV to start acting up again. I have already had the guy out twice in a year for that as well as having the light bulb replaced under warranty.
I will be glad when memorial day gets her and I can have my mornings to myself!


July 24, 2008


This was the best week of my life. Of course almost every kid who has ever went has said that when they came home. So I expected it to be good but I had no idea it would be a mind blowing experience for me!!!
Of course it was also true Rachel disaster too. Let’s tell the funny stuff first and then get into the divine experience. Let’s see I went through 3 different room keys because they stopped working. I got put in the mom room instead of with kids. This was highly disappointing! The moms were all post menopausal and burning up so I froze my butt off the entire week. I keep my house on 76 and I think our room was on 56. Thank God for covers. One night I went over to Emily’s room to use her straighter and didn’t bring my key. When I came back all the mom’s left so I was locked out with no shoes. It was time for dinner so I had to go back to Emily’s room and wear flip flops. Of course I can’t stand anything between my toes so I walked like a total retard!! One of the kids had to go to the hospital so after staying up with my sister, hardly sleeping on the bus and then I was up to 5 in the morning I got pretty good at no sleep. They invited me back next year to be the nurse. I will have to take a first aid class because I always think way too far out of the box. I blame that on 10 years of burn unit and all that critical stuff. People I am really working hard on the negative thinking so I won’t think worst case scenario right away! I evaluated 3 sets of rashes too. The bus ride was good only in the kids I met. Dan was my favorite by far!! Trying to sleep on the bus sucked a big fat one and I can barely move my neck. It was like 16 hours on the bus because we did stop to eat and stopped like 4 times. The drivers have to take mandatory breaks! Kayla managed to sleep on the floor under the seats. Oh to be young and tiny again!
So everyday things got more intense and more exciting. I could feel it building. The theme this year was what are you broadcasting. God has been broadcasting to us since the beginning of time. One night was what do you lie about. What is your face for your friends vs. the real you. Oh was that ever hard because it came up in counseling some time ago I realized I was not really adjusted to the whole parents divorced thing. I never blamed myself but I have felt totally unloved my entire life. Bingo the last night was about how much God loves us. He could have turned his back on us at any moment in time because we are always screwing up. At first I was like this is not the powerful message they were saying but in true Rob Bell form I was in tears and a total mess by the end of the night. I can’t really explain this well. I can say I wish I would have heard this many many years ago. Every parent of a teenager should send their child to this camp at least once!! My pastor has said this over and over for the past 4 years and I knew what he was saying was true but experiencing it first hand, the man knows what he is talking about.
I can totally understand why almost every kid that went will start a countdown to next years camp within the next week!


August 11, 2008

America’s Most Wanted

So over a year ago Brian repainted the living room and hallway. I took down all the pictures I had hanging of the kids, nieces and nephews down and got rid of all the picture frames. They were all mismatched oak and hanging all crooked from adding pictures as kids were born. So my goal was to buy all new picture frames. Yep that took me well over a year because I wanted to get this really cool 5×7 frame that would hold all of my nieces and nephews pictures at once instead of having 5 individual frames. Well of course I had to wait for my sister to get pregnant to make sure she was only having one or it would screw up my frame. So I decided on black frames as my coffee table and end tables and kitchen table have black legs. I have had the frames in my house with almost all the pictures in them for 3 months. Well yesterday was the day I decided how I wanted them grouped and then had Brian hang them. I knew they would be perfectly spaced and hanging straight (in part because I insisted on using 2 nails for every picture one on each end) and they turned out AWESOME. As Brian was going to bed last night he walks down the hallway and says “I feel like I am at the post office with the most wanted pictures.” So I am attaching pictures and you can see what you think. And yes I am well aware I have an obsession with pictures and photo albums. Each girl has a album for their 10×13 pictures another for the 8×10 and another for the 5×7. I have an album for each niece and nephew with every 5×7 I have and will give to them when they are older. Anyway I love pictures!


August 15, 2008

7 hours in the ER = viral meningitis

So yesterday I am outside checking the mail when Kayla comes home from her friends house. Her friends mom tells me Kayla has not felt well and has a bad headache. She had given her Motrin and a sinus medication and neither had helped. So when we get in the house I ask her if she wants to go see Dr. Sato and she says yes and starts crying. Holy crap first of all she never wants to go to the doctor and she rarely cries so I get on the phone to make an appointment thinking she has a bad sinus infection and needs antibiotics. (Now people aren’t you proud of me I wasn’t even thinking meningitis, brain aneurysm or brain tumor)? Well he has no sick appointments left so they tell me he will call me back and he may squeeze us in. So I am like ok. Well when he calls back and I describe her symptoms his first words are you need to take her to the ER to be evaluated because we need to rule out a migraine and she will need a CT scan and it will get done much faster there than us trying to do it out patient. Well that freaked me out a bit because he is not test or procedure happy at all. One time he thought Kayla might have mono but he said he wasn’t sticking her that day if her symptoms didn’t get better to call in five days. Of course her step throat was gone by then. Anyway back to the story at hand. SO I tell Kayla we are going to the ER and she might be getting a CT scan that freaks her out and she says no way. So I tell her it is just an x-ray in a tube and it doesn’t hurt at all. So we get on the highway (oh and in the meantime we had to stop by the dance studio and sign her up as it was the last day don’t ask) and there is a major wreck so I have to go a totally different way and it takes us forever to get there. By the time we get to the parking lot Kayla is shaking and saying her entire body is tingling. We get in really fast and they say that she either has a migraine or meningitis but thinking migraine because Brian has them. (he has had them since he was 3 years old, puking and all) So the first thing they do is a CT scan and she was fine with that. Then they give her an IV and give her torodol 30, benadryl 40 and reglan 10 (this is for my nurse friends) She does fine for the first 10 minutes and then has some sort of anxiety reaction and starts shaking, heart rate in the 140’s, freaking out demanding to leave. So I of course am only a mom now and can’t think straight and I make the nurse come in and she brings the doctor and then Kayla relaxes and goes to sleep. I am assured at the time her headache will be gone when she wakes up. Her headache was a 8/10 when she came in and when they came back an hour later it was still a 4/10. She could move her neck and did not have super rigidity but it did hurt some and she couldn’t quite get her chin to her chest. So the doctor decided we really should do a spinal tap to make sure it wasn’t meningitis. (Oh by the way the head ct was normal she has a brain!) Kayla goes nuts and tells me she isn’t having it done. I told her yes she is that it will hurt when the numbing medicine goes in but only for a few minutes. So it takes forever to sign the consent and then the doctor to come in and do it. Kayla did great and was a real trooper. So it is another 75 minutes before the results are in and she does indeed have viral meningitis. After the spinal tap her headache really went down so she looked at me and told me I am fine I don’t have it and I didn’t need that test. So when the doctor said she did have it I looked at her with a mom look. It’s kind of a good thing it came back positive because she would have killed me for putting her through an unnecessary test. So they called Dr. Sato and he felt comfortable sending us home because all that is done is motrin for the headache and rest. Of course I made the mistake of telling her she is suppose to stay in bed for a week so she informed she expects breakfast in bed. So I took today off work and I am not due back till next Wednesday and she should be back to her normal self by then!
My counselor should be very proud as I did not immediately think worse case scenario when I heard Kayla had a really bad headache! Maybe I am getting a little better slowly but surely!
Till the next drama in my life have a great day!


August 28, 2008

How I look in Wii Fit land

Some of you know I own a wii fit and is probably one of the most fun things I have ever owned. I hardly feel like i am exercising. The only problem with the thing is you put in your height and the board has a built in scale. It calculates your BMI and makes your characters size based on that. Of course the other 7 players are skinny with normal BMI’s so I took a picture of it so you can see this. I am the last person on the right as you are looking at it. I of course have an orange shirt on and Brian is right next to me with an orange shirt on. For those of you who don’t have a WII you get to make your own charater so I have orange glasses. My sister is the girl with the red glasses. Allyson of course made herself a boy. I am thinking I might have to introduce her to my counselor nazi!