Will I ever be able to ask for help??

It all started way back in 1986 (that’s 28 years ago) when I had my very first nursing clinicals. We spent the last month of the first year of nursing school at a nursing home. It was not my calling. I cried every single day and begged my mother to let me quit. I was told at my evaluation that I relied to heavily on my peers and needed to stop asking for help. Yep in true CR (crazy Rachel) fashion, I took that to the extreme. In the present day I have to be drowning before I ask for help and I usually end up barking at my co-workers. I always apologize for my behavior once I have caught up and can breath again. Luckily for the girls I work with this doesn’t happen very often. However, when it does I hate it! And before I forgot my mother refused to let me quit. She told me to start my second year where clincials would be at the hospital and if I still hated it, then I could quit. She is such a wise woman! Obviously I loved it since I am still working in a hospital many years later.

Today I took Allyson to Target to buy a nintendo 3DS. She had been saving her money since Christmas and finally was about ten dollars short. Since she has been waiting on me for the past two weeks, I figured I could front her ten bucks. Well I can drive with this stupid foot but I have to put my boot on to get out of the car. I was highly distracted putting my boot on. They did not have the model she wanted so off to gamestop we were going to go. However, we got to the car and I saw I had locked my keys in the car. Rather than ask anyone for help, I tell her we can walk home and use Kayla’s car. So yes I walked a mile today in my boot. OMG it was so awesome to be outside walking in the weather. If I only had my headphones I could have listened to my jammin jesus music and pretended I wasn’t injured. I was about halfway home when it dawned on my two of my neighbors were home and they would have gotten my spare key and brought it to me. I did call my sister to see if she could later drive me back to Target to get my car. Ok I wasn’t quite stupid enough to walk two miles. I was telling my wise mother how nice this walk was. She said call me in the morning and let me know how bad your foot hurts. It did not swell and still really doesn’t hurt. In my defense after gamestop I have stayed on the couch the rest of the day messing with this site.

Before I ever took off from Target another two of my stitches came unknotted and fell out. I know have lost 3 of 6. At this rate, come Thursday at my appointment there will not be any stitches left to remove. The incision looks really good but my foot is still really bruised. I just want to be healed so I can go back to work. I really miss my job and I admire all the stay at home moms. That is something I could never do!

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