Blown away

I have been following the drama of the C-6 school district for the past two weeks. I knew Rich Simpson from high school so I was very interested in the law suit. I ran into one of Emily’s friends mom on Sunday at Target (yes, before I locked my keys in the car) and she told me the whole thread that the lawsuit was about is still on the website. Now the news had reported that some of the comments were not be able to be said on the air. So since I have nothing else better to do I looked up the thread and started reading. It all started back in 12/12 and runs up until the present. There are over 2700 comments and since I have nothing else better to do I started at the beginning. I am around comment 900 at the present and have read the comment they couldn’t say on the news. All I have to say is I hope Rich and Michelle bleed which ever one of the four bozos said it dry. I also can’t believe grown adults attacked each other the way they have. I have almost come to the conclusion that no one ever grows up past middle school. Ha ha ha. I also cannot believe highly educated people did not realize that IP addresses can be easily traced. Perhaps they never saw the episode of Forensic Files in which a killer submitted a yahoo map (I think) to the St. Louis Post Dispatch showing where a body was hidden. This dude was quite surprised when they showed up his house in St. Louis to arrest him. Although it is easy to hide behind social media and pretend to be someone you are not, it is not a wise idea to libel people in that way.
Ok back to reading this craziness.

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