Chuckie Finster

180px-Chuckie_FinsterYou don’t belong to the Moehlmann family unless you have a nickname. Everyone seems to get one eventually. My niece Sierra was named at birth. Back when she was born the show Rugrats was very popular. Brian and I probably saw every episode with Emily and Kayla. On that show was a four eyed red headed kid name Chuckie Finster. He was afraid of everything. I am not sure if Sierra was even two days old when Brian started calling her Finster and it stuck. On her first birthday Karen had gotten Andre’ a daddy’s girl engraved picture frame and we printed off a picture of Chuckie and put it in there for him. Every time Brian comes home from work and Sierra is here he will say “finster what are you doing here?” and she will glare at him. When she was younger she was a fraidy cat as well. She seems to have outgrown it as she has gotten older unless it’s a scary movie. So Sierra will always be our little Finster. And this all came to me because last night they were running episodes of the Rugrats.

2 thoughts on “Chuckie Finster

  1. I love it! I think you should do a piece about all the nicknames Brian has given over the years!!!

  2. Did you forget yours and Karen’s and the rest? Samantha Sue (you) Short Tail (Karen) Tootsie (Emily) Toodlebug (Kayla) Rosie (Allyson) Wild Man (Conner) and Snicklefritz (Eddie). I have forgotton Sierra’s because she had such a fit that she didn’t like it and wanted to be called Tulip.

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