Visit to the doctor

Today was my three week post op visit and stitches removal. It’s hard to believe it’s been three weeks already and yet it also seems like six months because I am dying of boredom! Anyway first thing I did was give the doctor crap about three stitches coming untied. He informed me that he knows how to tie a knot, that obviously I was walking too much. I said point well taken and changed the subject. For the record, my stitches were out long before I walked home from Target. So I did admit that I have only been wearing the boot if I am going somewhere or doing a lot around the house. Otherwise I told him I left it off and only went to the bathroom. He said I could also wear the post op shoe if I wanted. I got my return to work form signed as I come back July1 (happy new OB/GYN residents day). He told me to plan on wearing the boot for the first and maybe second week. He said if I had a desk job I wouldn’t  need it. I thought this was my last visit but no he wants to see me at six weeks. This is ok by me because he falls into the cute doctor category. We must have been chatting too long because one of the medical assistants came in and started cleaning up the room. He did tell me I can start swimming next week once my incision line scabs over and I can start biking as well. He said not to even think about running until at least two months from the day of surgery. I will probably wait three months because I do not want to mess this up. I had let my membership to the rec center expire the end of April because I knew I was having surgery. I can’t wait till next week to sign up for another six months. I finally bought a swimming suit that I am comfortable in so watch it people the crazy swimmer will be back. My dad is giving me Brenda’s old bike so I will be able to say good bye to Kayla’s pink power puff bike.

I stopped by the unit after the doctors visit to drop off hangers for one of my co-workers. When I walked onto the unit I got the Women’s Health smell and it was nice to be home. The two weeks before my surgery I only worked 4 hours between vacation and the census so I have been gone almost five weeks. I am excited to get back to work!

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