Not everyone knows my name

Sometime within the last month the girls at work were giving me the business about my obsession with Pokémon Go. I was talking about the raid bus and one of the second year Ob/Gyn residents joined in the conversation. Let’s flash forward to yesterday my first day back from camp.

The same resident is at the desk and he was talking about how he was at Queeny Park on Saturday with his kids when a bus pulled up into the parking lot. He thought that was really random given the time of the day until he saw me get off the bus. Then he knew it was the Pokémon bus I was talking about. I was cracking up. He left and I went on to give out some pain medicine.

A few minutes later I hear Amy answer the phone and she says just call her Pokémon girl, everyone will know who you mean. Apparently he didn’t know my name. I was cracking up and this made a great day even better!!


Mole moral ~ It’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one terrible with names and I always enjoy a good nickname.


Cruise Notes Episode 1

CruiseKayla and I had a really good time on our cruise. I decided rather than trying to jam the entire week into a single blog, I would do short little ones. I decided I would start with the professional picture sitting. This was on Tuesday night after dinner. The cruise had all of these areas set up to have pictures done. As we were walking by the all white one, the guy asked us if we wanted pictures done. I said sure why not and then remembered we have not had family pictures done since Allyson was 18 months old. First thing he told me was to relax. OMG I quickly realized I was as tense as if he was personally touching me or hugging me. So I tried to relax a bit and he continued to work with me.

The best part was this picture.

Cruise 1

He asked me if I could sit on the floor. I wanted to say dude I ran a marathon less than two months ago but I said sure. So we sit and instantly become so stiff it isn’t even funny. He then tells me to stick my chin out more. Well he mimics what I was doing and I die laughing. I mean it was insane but I did finally relax. Then another gal walks by and bumps his butt on accident. He asked her why she was pinching his butt. We were all dying. It was so much fun.

The next day Kayla and I picked out the ones we liked and actually he was behind the cash register. He instantly remembered me and gave me the stiff neck look from the day before. I told him the photos were awesome and he agreed especially this oneCruise 2

and he talked me into ordering a 16×20 canvas which was ready the next day. It turned out really nice and now I just have to have it framed. I certainly spent more money on pictures than I did anything else but I am glad I did.


Mole Moral ~ It’s much cheaper to have ugly children! Ha