The 250 St. Louis cakes update

So earlier this week I dreamed Allyson and I went back to this park that was located somewhere close to broadway and there was a second cake. I was like we have to go see this except we kept getting on the wrong street and then people started trying to get us. We were on bikes by this time. (Ok so in real life I needed to get up and go to the bathroom). So maybe three days later I get on the official website to see if they have placed another cake which they had not but I learned the cake in front of Bush Stadium is no longer on display. This is a real shame because this is a really cool cake. So I did some research and I learned two things. First of all in a bizarre twist of fate my dream was partially correct. Ameren UE donated a ton of money to the cake fund so they asked for a second cake and were granted one. The employees decorated it and it was indoors and no one but employees could see it. They have since moved it outside until the end of the year. Looks like Emily and I will be running by Ameren again. (Oh yes I am a crazy obsessed fruitcake). Also I thought perhaps the Cardinal cake was removed because of the playoffs. Nope. The artist wanted her name on a plate on the cake and could not come to terms with Stl250 so the Cardinals removed it and put it in storage at an undisclosed location. It’s really a shame that the artist would rather not even have it out on display. I’m just glad I drug Emily all over the place on her break between summer and fall school! Thursday is the day we all we gather and see the two cakes located down here in Arnold. I am pretty excited!IMG_4841

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