Unable to deal with the general public

Yesterday was quite the day. It all started when I decided today was the day I was getting Allyson’s phone to work. For quite some time she could receive text messages but not send them. Two weeks ago I called tech support and they had to submit a ticket.  I then got a text saying issue resolved, yet it wasn’t. So I headed up to my store but my favorite sales guy wasn’t working. The guy waiting on me said he had never seen that (go figure, only a mole) and sent me to olive to the support center. When I arrived I could either make an appointment or wait 2 1/2 hours. I chose to wait because I actually had the phone in my hand and it was charged. I then decided to write a letter to my cousin using email. This was a brilliant idea, except I text one finger (he calls me one finger texter and thinks it’s hilarious.) so by the time I was finished my wrist was on fire. Everyone that walked in was pissed about the wait and copped an attitude. I felt bad for the two guys working although it has to be their calling to deal with this hostile environment every day. A couple of people left and would be texted when it was their turn. They didn’t make it back in time, so I got to go. When they showed up they copped another attitude about their time being valuable. I almost said then you shoulf have made an appointment. It would have been stupid for the tech support guys to wait ten minutes until they showed up. Shortly before I was called up, this guy came in and carried on for ten minutes about how his phone doesn’t work and what would they do for him. The guy patiently repeated over and over three-hour wait and then he could help him. The guy left and the worker said its a tequila night to which I shouted shots for everyone. That made everyone laugh. Allyson’s phone was fixed in 15 minutes. It needed a new SIM card.

My next stop was ugas for coffee  I get home and have a Facebook message. I dropped my debit card in the parking lot. I get behind this guy that says he has gas on 6. Right after the lady next to him says she has had on 6. He cops a giant attitude until he is proved wrong. Then tries to say signage is bad. I almost said you are blind and stupid. Then it becomes a math nightmare before he finally leaves. I come home and shut the garage door. I then announce I’m not leaving the house again unless I have a tranquilizer gun. Needless to say, I stayed in

Mole moral ~ Typing this on my phone while waiting for work to start was a stupid idea. My wrist is on fire again. I need to inject myself with a tranquilizer gun especially after the drive in with the snow

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