Why being outside sucks!

I think I have hated outdoors my entire life. I swear I could live inside and never leave. Well except to run, that’s the only time I like being outside. Anyway yesterday I decided to take the dog on the hike up Mastodon Mountain. For those of you living outside of Jeffco Mastodon state park has a trial that goes up a hill and back down. It’s about 1.75 miles in length. I like it because I can let the dog off her leash and she goofs off and then runs to catch up with me. Only I could be walking along minding my own business and come upon this.








The dog was unimpressed and walked right on by. It was super humid yesterday and after about a mile I was really wishing I had brought some water along. I think the dog was too because her tongue was hanging out of her mouth. We finally got back down the mountain and across the street and she was acting dead. No way can I carry her back to the car so I notice a creek and I call her over thinking she will take a drink. Oh heck no, she did this instead.












So that required a bath when we got home because she really smelled gross.

This morning I found a tick on me and wanted to vomit! See I really do hate the outdoors. It’s either too hot or too cold or too many bugs!

Mole Moral~Better to stay inside where it’s safe and animal copulation does not happen in plain sight!





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