More comedy with the post office

snail mail


Remember last Friday the guy on the phone said I should hear within a week about the lost claim form he filled out for me. So I decided I would give it until this coming Monday and then I would call. I still haven’t heard from them but I did get a letter in the mail about my insurance claim. I had to mail the letter back with proof of what I had bought to get my 300 dollars back. The books were purchased through which meant I had to go on there and print that out as well as my credit card  statement. So I start to print that and the printer jams up. I have hated this printer/scanner since the day I got it. Of course my mom was kind enough to give it to me brand new for free so I cannot complain about it too much. It said cartridge error please consult the owners manual. First of all, who has the owners manual five or more years later and secondly nothing comes with one of those anyway. So I take the ink cartridges out and jam them back in and it finally prints the stuff. I am going to have to crack and get a new printer but not in the middle of being ready to smash it! So then I head to Imperial post office to mail it because I have decided I am paying to have it sent certified with a signature required. No way am I dealing with “it never came to us, it’s been longer than 30 days so you are screwed out of 300 dollars.” Of course I get to Imperial and they close at 11:30 and it’s 11:40. So I get back in my car, drive over to Arnold and get the stupid thing mailed out today. I told Emily order your books again and I will give you the insurance money when it comes. And she has changed the address on her credit card so the books can be mailed directly to her in Kansas City! Never again is she having anything mailed here first. Oh and if by chance something does come I will be using the brown clowns (aka UPS) from now on!


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