Living up to one of my nicknames

I am a girl with a few nicknames depending on who is around me and what I am doing. One of the more common one is CR which stands for Crazy Rachel. My work gave me this nickname a few years back and I enjoy living up to it. I told one of the residents at work to call me CR. Not too long ago I had one of the patients he was following and when he asked the girls at the desk who had the patient they said Rachel. He said I don’t know anyone named Rachel. When I walked up to the desk they said you know Rachel and he said oh yeah CR, I forgot her real name.

As I posted earlier I read the entire topix thread about the nepotism in the Fox school district. There were only a couple of people that actually posted using their real name and one of them was Sam Ferry who is a former employee of the school district. The thread started with this post from a lady I think:

I am posting this not to start bickering back and forth but am just wanting to post a question and see if there is an informed person out there who would know the answer: is there anything the community can do in order to have an investigation done?

The president of the schoolboard’s daughter-in-law just got a $65,337 a year job when she has no post-secondary education and her experience is a high school diploma and her work at McDonald’s? This is beyond ludicrous. She doesn’t even have the degree needed for the position. Isn’t this illegal or am I wrong?

All throughout the thread Sam’s character was attacked many, many times but instead of attacking back he would simply remind the people the topic was about nepotism and not his personal life. He really impressed me that he never once got involved in the name calling and stuck to the facts. After I was all finished reading and had time to absorb it all, I knew I needed to write him an email. He had put his personal email address in a few of his posts. I got this prompting from God. I know this is crazy and no God did not yell down from heaven “hey CR you need to write an email to Sam.” I just felt a whisper in my heart that I needed to do this. And so I did. I sent him an email saying how impressed I was that he stayed true to the subject and took so much heat during the process. One of his goals was to get a new school board in place and in the past two elections all the seats have been replaced. I think there are only two of the original ones left.

Did he answer my email? yes he did several days later. I am copying and pasting just the beginning because it just kind of confirms that what started out as seeming crazy was indeed the right thing to do.

Nothing new under the sun, nothing in life surprises me, but your email…..that surprised me enough that I wanted to take a thoughtful amount of time before I responded. Thank you! It is so rare that someone actually takes the time to say or do something for an unknown. That makes you interesting right off the bat. You are one of one when it comes to that.

How many times in our lives do we think I should send that person a card, a letter, a text or an email and yet we never do? We just assume those around us know when they have done something good. But in a matter of two seconds when someone does something wrong we point it out, criticize, gossip, and make sure everyone knows. Yet when someone stands up and does the right thing rarely is that person supported.  Just an observation I have made.

Moral of this mole story: If you feel God telling you to do something, you should listen! The results can be amazing!

One thought on “Living up to one of my nicknames

  1. Thank you Rachel for continuing the “Miller” tradition. Yes, God speaks to us, we just need to know how to listen, and yes we should always give credit where credit is due….Our time here is short and so we should not waste it on caring about the ones who do wrong, we should instead support those who are trying to do right.

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