My first school board meeting

school boardToday I attended my first ever school board meeting. This means one of two things, I am either getting really old or I have been sucked into the C-6 school district drama. Probably a little of each. It was interesting and I learned a lot about the format and how a meeting is held. I found it ironic the school board didn’t understand the simple question of why the time was changed from 5:30 to 7:00 and therefore never did give a reason. If it was to decrease attendance, that was not successful. I arrived fifteen minutes early and barely found a seat. By the time the meeting started it was standing room only.

There is a seven million dollar deficit that needs to be fixed. So of course the answer is cut pay and make all the employees pay 300 a month health insurance. For those that make ten dollars an hour that could be very difficult. How about we cut the superintendent salary by 100,000 as well as all the other high paid administrators. It will be very interesting to see how the budget turns out.

I wanted to laugh when one of the board members thanked the audience for bringing all the issues out into the light. I wanted to stand up and say you should thank Sam, Michelle and Rich who no matter what was said of them stuck to the facts. But wait, you can’t thank them because they have a lawsuit against the school district for the horrible things said on topix that was traced back to the superintendents home. And that woman is refusing to step down. I really thought by now she would have said I screwed up and I resign. But I think she will hide behind her lawyer and play out her contract. I could be wrong, I mean I hope I am but time will tell.

Tomorrow I return back to work. I cannot wait as I will have other things to keep me busy. I didn’t get much accomplished while I was off. I think I read two books and I did finally beat the level in candy crush I was stuck on for six weeks. Yes life in the mole house is super exciting when out on leave!

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