My first day back

Womens healthFinally July 1 has arrived. Not only was it my first day back to work, it was also new OB/GYN residents day. Always a fun and challenging time. I cannot imagine having one week orientation and then thrown into hospital life and expected to know everything. I decided that since I have been a nurse since Jesus was a small boy, that I will be a resource to the new kids this year. I met the day and night gyn first year. Both seem nice and so young. But I am not old! Hahaha.

So I looked at the census last night and said oh five patients away from needing me, I won’t be working till 3. As soon as I said that to Meg, I said I just screwed myself. And sure enough when I called at 10 to see if I was needed charge nurse said yes come on in. I was excited to go in and take new surgeries but was unsure how my foot would hold up. The surgeries were great and I really enjoyed the patents today. However, my foot within two hours was saying you should have listened to Dr. Anderson and took another two weeks off. I still cannot figure out how a couple people were back at work at three weeks. Even if I wore my boot, I would not have been able to stand it last week. It makes me feel like a big old baby but then I think I am too hard on myself. So I came home took 1/2 a pain pill and slapped ice on it. I am so non compliant with ice that using it speaks volumes!

I was talking about nursing boards at the desk. I said when did they start calling it NCLEX instead of state boards. When I graduated NCLEX was a voluntary class you could take to study for boards. It was $200 back in 1988 and I opted to skip it and study on my own. So one of my co-workers looked at me and said when it went to computer it was changed to NCLEX because thats the program that administers it. I asked when was that. She looked at me and said when Jesus became a young adult. I cracked up laughing. I am not sure which is worse, they changed the name or the fact I didn’t realize it until this year when Emily was telling me that her friend Kaitlin had taken NCLEX.

I am scheduled the next two days. If they call me off from 11-3 I will not complain. If they need me I will tell my foot to FOAG and work. It was really nice to be out of the house today!

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