I got better sleep when the kids were newborns!

I was up until midnight working on this morning’s cake route. Since we are hitting up Illinois at first it was a 12 hour drive. Well when I rearranged all the places I got it down to six. This should have been my second clue as to what the night was going to be like. My first clue was Emily and her friend decided to go out and have Kayla and her boyfriend drop them off and pick them up. So somewhere in the three o’clock hour I get a text from Kayla saying she is not going to go see cakes or get a new phone today. She hates Emily. So I get up to try and talk to her half comatose and Emily has really hurt her feelings. I go back to bed and Brian is snoring to the point I cannot sleep so I go lay on Allyson’s floor with the dog. Kayla wakes me up again and I convince her she is getting a phone today. Around five I go back to my room because Brian is up and no longer snoring. Now he wants to have a conversation because he heard my text message go off and then I left so of course he jokingly says I was with my boyfriend. Hello moron mole I just want some damn sleep. At six the alarm goes off and I have to get Allyson up for school. As soon as she leaves I go back to sleep. Within twenty minutes Emily is now in my bed and making horrible wrenching sounds. I am thinking are you kidding me? I just want to sleep soundly. Yep she hops and throws up a bunch of time. Finally thirty minutes before my alarm goes off I give up on sleep and get up. Today should be a real fun day.

Mole moral of the story momma mole will always stand on the side that drinking is stupid!

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