Today’s cake hunting adventures

Today we headed down 44 to Meramec Caverns as this was the farthest cake out west. We then made our way back down 44 stopping along the way. We did the cave tour as I have never done it. It was really cool to see but we froze the entire time. I think the girls enjoyed it as well.  We then saw the Franklin County Courthouse. That was a GPS nightmare and walked around the building before we realized we were at the wrong building. Next stop washington historical society. That cake was cool. We then went onto Gray Summit and Purina farms. That was a tad disappointing. I think Suson Park in South County had almost the same amount of animals. Shaw nature park cake was very detailed with little animals glued on and a big sign stating not to even touch the cake. So we didn’t. Would have loved to have driven through it but after spending 55 to see the cave the credit card was on fire. We then visited the Black Madonna Shrine and Grottos. I need to look up the history on that because the name did not match what I envisioned and it was actually pretty cool. Of course when I told Brian about it, he knew exactly where it was as he delivered candles there back during his first job when he worked at a candle factory. Six Flags is closed during the week. You can be sure crazy cake lady told the guys at the fence to move the cake so that it can be viewed even when closed. They seemed to think that was a pretty good idea. We then visited the wolf center where Allyson went to wolf camp last summer. Also the bird sanctuary and we got to see them bring the birds in for feeding. It was cool to see the barn owl up close. Of course we drove around Lone Elk Park and saw the animals and the cake. We ended at Maritz where the girl’s aunt use to work. That cake was really cool as it had each side as a different season. We left at 8:30 and didn’t get home until 6. I think work will be much easier tomorrow!

IMG_4948IMG_4952 IMG_4951 IMG_4950

One thought on “Today’s cake hunting adventures

  1. I think what you are doing is so interesting. It is something I would have done if I could have. You are seeing much more than just birthday cakes. I wonder if anyone else is doing this.

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