10 really good reasons the Mole’s are cake hunting!

IMG_4732It’s been a while since I have written anything. Emily is home for a week between PT school semesters and she is all into the caking with me. I know it probably seems ridiculous to drive all over town but here are 10 really good reasons.

1. The kids are locked in the car with me without music so we must talk.

2. I have seen parts of St. Louis I would never see.

3. It gets me out of the house as I could easily be a hermit.

4. We have met some cool people while out on this adventure. The one cake artist and the book illustrator. Today I was telling the guy at the train station how there are 250 cakes all over from IL down to Meramec Caverns . Allyson got to meet a saxophone player down by Vinatage Vinyl in the loop.

5. I learned Clayton is five minutes from the loop. Did I ever mention I have zero sense of direction. We are constantly flipping U-turns and going the wrong way. All this driving is not helping me one bit with my sense of direction.

6. We have some great pictures and behind every picture is a story.

7. It keeps Allyson off of the electronics.

8. School starts in two days for Allyson, six for Kayla, and nine for Emily. Then its just me and my fleas!

9. The dog enjoys going when it’s not too hot. We can’t always get her out of the car.

10. This time will be known as the summer “our crazy mother drug us to all those silly cakes and called it culture!”

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