My 24 hour fast from Facebook

First of all do not laugh because it was only 24 hours because I learned a lot in a short time. 

It all started yesterday morning when I read a post that I thought was directed at me. I immediately sent an apology text and then decided I had enough and was getting off of Facebook for a while. I heard back and the post was not for me but since the last few weeks have been rough I just assumed. So then I felt better and decided to stay deactivated for 24 hours. Here are some things I noticed. 

1. I was a lot more attentive to the people around me and my surroundings. 

2. It was nice not checking FB constantly to read my notifications. 

3. It was really nice not knowing Suzy had picked her nose and ate her boogers. And then to read fifteen different peoples reactions. 

4. If I needed to know something I had to pick up the phone and talk to a real live person. 

5. I did miss my two groups. One is piyo and it’s all newbies trying it out and supporting each other. My other group is lead by a gal at my church that has lost 110 pounds via weight watchers and exercise. This months exercise challenge was running or walking 100 miles. Now I am not that crazy and set my goal at 50. That should be plenty. 

6. I also need my photo album to finish documenting my cake finds. I need therapy about that but that is a whole different post. 

So my take away from this is I am going to delete the Facebook app from my phone. This will greatly reduce my time on it. I will leave messenger on in case someone from one of my groups need to reach me but Facebook has to go. 

Mole moral it has been greatly refreshing not to have even checked Facebook since 7:30 am yesterday! And the post which brought initial hurt turned out bringing great joy. Which makes me think of Josh Williams song before the morning. 

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