Rough week

It’s been a rough sort of week so it makes it really difficult for me to get blog post ideas. So just so random things that have happened.

Yesterday my nephew would have been 14. I worked and our break room is right by the old NICU. It seems like yesterday. I left the burn unit after that and went to women’s health. Yesterday, I had a patient tell her friend who was having upcoming surgery if I wasn’t working she wasn’t getting the best nurse. That was really nice.

It was wise to drag Brian out cake hunting before letting him eat lunch. We had lunch on the hill that day and had dynamite sandwiches. Most of the places are closed on Sunday but we found a great pizza place and yet no one even ordered pizza. Leave it to the moles.

Art camp this week is duck tape. Well it turns out it’s fashion camp so Allyson was totally bored yesterday and predicts today will be no better. She says she can’t wait to start school next week.

We are going caking when I pick her up this afternoon. I become just a little obsessive when I get something like that in my head. We still need to go bike riding but it is going to be way too hot this afternoon. Maybe by 7 we can run up to Meramec trail. That is close to our house but no cakes. See I am obsessed.

My work schedule is all different too. I never work Mondays and always work Tuesdays but I worked yesterday and am off today. I can see the reason now why and it’s all related to the hard week! And that is code for don’t ask don’t tell!

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