My bike

The bike from my dad is really nice and it switches gears. I rode it around the circle in front of my house so he could get the seat the right height. Of course I almost crashed into Brian’s truck. When he got out of the pool and seen the bike he started complaining there was no room in the garage. I told him to sell his giant truck that he had to cut a hole in the drywall to get it to fit in the garage. He didn’t appreciate that. I found out from Allyson when I went to the grocery store she conned him into riding with her. He barely made it down or hill and up then the next when he had to turn around because he was tired. This coming from him who constantly told me my butt shouldn’t hurt, he rode his bike for hours as a kid without a problem. I think he may have figured out this evening that he is not 8 years old and riding a bike at almost 48 is a whole different ball of yarn. Allyson is determined we are riding somewhere tomorrow. I would like to walk and do PiYo as well. Now that is a little extreme in the exercise department. I have lost my mind.

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