My text from Emily

While at work today I receive a text from Emily that says If I hear “Emily Valentine, America’s sweetheart, the girl next door” I’m burning down your homecoming float. For starters are there any 90210 fans out there? Because they would understand this. You see in one of Emily’s PT classes she shared how she got her name. Yes her mother named her after Brandon’s girlfriend Emily who turned out to be a psycho and set the homecoming float on fire. I really liked the actress that played Emily (too bad I don’t even know her real name) so that is how I came up with Emily. As for Caroline, that is my middle name and my great grandma’s middle name. So at least it wasn’t a double psycho name. Just a psycho and a crazy! It takes a real nut job to admit they named their kid after a character on a TV show! And to top it off the character goes nuts! That is my story for the day!

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