A crazy day

Well the first clue that the day would be crazy was the fact I was scheduled for a 12 hour day shift. I traded with someone that needed the day off. I had five patients and discharged all of them and got five new ones throughout the day. They all had me hopping and I even had to have some help because I coukdnt keep up. That doesn’t happen too often and then just as things are slowing down for a bit I get this text from Kayla.

Mom I think I killed the dog.

To which I responded

you better not have.

It seems my middle child let the dog out abd then left for school. The poor dog was outside for about three hours. So Kayla put a rag on her neck and she perked right up. And then work got crazy again and I forgot about the dog. She seems fine this evening. And we do have a pool that she could have jumped into but she hates water so I don’t think she would have. She’s a crazy mole dog!


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