Breaking a big rule!

When I was a kid there were certain things I said I would never do as an adult. Almost all of them have come back to bite me. Just recently I realized I broke a really big one. When I was senior in high school my mom was in the adult community band as a drummer. There was another drummer that she just adored and thought would be perfect for me. He was a little bit older but I agreed to go on a date with him. To say he was socially awkward and a dork is an understatement. I swore after that I would never attempt to fix my kids up with anyone. So this past summer a new cute guy got hired at my favorite gas station. I told one of the girls that works there that she should go out with him. She informed me that he was too young for her. Last week Brian said hey in the leader a couple of weeks ago there was a story about an x employee of said gas station that stole 14,000 worth of lottery tickets and got caught. Well I had to know who it was so I went on-line and sure enough it was the “cute guy”. He had been fired before he decided to rob the place.

Mole moral: Older people need to stick with fixing each other up and leave the young people to deal with it all on their own.

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