Another day, another doctor visit

Some days I really question why I ever got into shape and started running. It’s been quite the shit show since I started. However had I not started running I wouldn’t have had a hysterectomy and since the pathology could not rule in or out cancer it’s a good thing that is out of me! But still some days I feel like a real honest crackhead.

Today I went to see Dr. Anderson about my left foot. Plantar fasciitis has reared its ugly head in that foot now. It’s been bothering me for a couple of months but I flat-out ignored it, hoping it would just go away. The last week it has gotten to the point that after work I have had to take a 1/2 of a 5 of percocet to keep from killing the people I live with. I refuse to live on daily narcotics. For one I cannot stand the way they make me feel. (I will never get why people abuse them, they are awful but allow me to walk without wanting to either commit suicide or chop my foot off). So Dr. Anderson’s fix today was a cortisone shot in my heel. Holy crap I had forgotten what that felt like. I ended up saying the F word rather drawn out and I almost clawed a hole in the exam table. I am sure I looked quite comical. So now it’s icing, stretching, night splint and hoping in two months when this shot wears off the crap is gone. I told him I hope that happens but I am not holding my breath. So if you all could pray that this will fix this issue that would be awesome. I really really don’t want to have another foot surgery. I really really just want to be able to run again. Is that too much to ask. God gave me this love of running and he keeps taking it away from me. I told him to knock it off but he seems not to listen to me. Biking and swimming are ok but really I prefer running. Is that too much to ask!

Mole moral no one goes to the doctor more than maw squaw! (Brian’s nickname for me!)

One thought on “Another day, another doctor visit

  1. Rachel, you MUST be faithful about the stretching and icing, etc….it won’t get well if you don’t and there is a really good chance it will get well…..mine got well so yours can too!!!!

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