Pay it forward

quarterToday I went to Ugas to get my morning coffee. I have seriously considered given up this habit and using the money for something else. However, nothing compares to the concoction I whip up there so I just can’t seem to quit it. I suppose it’s better than smoking. Anyway Allyson asked me to get her flaming hot cheetos. Yep that would be her breakfast. Chalk me up for parent of the year! So I bring in a five dollar bill and four pennies. That way no matter what the total, I wouldn’t be getting pennies back or even worse the cashier giving me a nickel back instead. (Ok we all know I have weird issues). So she rings it up and it’s 5.29. I said well crap let me go get a quarter out of the car. She says go ahead and take it, I know you will be back. So I dig out a quarter and I am about to walk back in and this guy says hey I paid your quarter, don’t worry about it. Then says this way you don’t have to go back in. I thanked him and I was so surprised and happy by his kindness. My foot was pretty happy too because it knew it was soon up for shift number three.

Not too long after this Emily texts me because she cannot get her paper to attach to her email. She bought herself a Mac before she started PT school and had written a paper in pages. She was finally able to attach it in her non Rockhurst email but then she couldn’t open it. So her friend had her save it in google. I had a bunch of frustrated texts. Next text I get is she can’t get it to print because the internet is down. So she heads over to wherever they print stuff at Rockhurst and is out of print points. She  must have given them a sob story of sorts because they gave her five dollars worth of print points for free. And to top it off you can only buy them with cash.  I really can’t lie in the fact that I was kind of cracking up because I can see so much of myself in her. She wasn’t about to let it go until she figured it out. It’s a good thing and a bad thing to be like this. So I told her at the lake this weekend to hit her dad up for a twenty. He has a whole wallet full of them and if he throws too big of a fit, I would reimburse him when he returns.

I survived my first week back at work. My foot is swollen and hurting but I am now on four days of rest. I asked the second year resident if any of the first year residents were single. He said are you single? I said no I’m married. (I just haven’t worn my rings in forever because they are way too big. I’m paranoid if I get them made smaller, I will gain my weight back again I know I have issues.) So he tells me one guy is single. Another girl asked him his age and he said 28. I said yeah I’m old enough to be all of you residents mother so let me kill myself. Hahaha. I told him I wanted to know so that when the single girls I work with ask me, I will know the answer. Not only am I “smarter than I look”, I seem to know almost everything. I am just in the right place at the right time.



2 thoughts on “Pay it forward

  1. So proud to be your sister – glad you allowed someone to show you kindness just as you do over and over again! I love your blog – keep the posts coming!

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