Emily Mole + Post office = Disaster

I use to love the post office until this summer. It’s been one fiasco after another. It started off this summer with the post office losing her textbooks and filing a claim to get the money back. I swear they took it out on Imperial post office. Every time I go to mail something they ask if I want insurance. I swear they know me. I have  paranoia issues. Anyway the next thing to happen was my Uncle sent her an iron skillet cookbook from Amazon. Someone else signed for it and stole it. He contacted amazon and a new one showed up. We are unsure if they sent a new one or tracked down the person that signed for it. On Saturday Emily gets a voicemail from a detective about stolen mail. I was a little skeptical it could be a scam like the IRS scammers saying if you don’t pay them right now you will be arrested in two hours. Now I should have known better, it was legit. It seems a suspect was apprehended and found with a bunch of people’s mail including Emily’s. What did they take of hers you ask? Why her birth control pills of course because we have to use a mail order company out of FL. They are so stupid that one of Brian’s doctors swear they operate out of the back of a tractor-trailer and get the medicine from Mexico. Anyway we have to call them and have them resend. They are liable to charge me full price but perhaps a police report will help. I cannot believe this. I don’t think she will get them back anytime soon if ever. And certainly not before they expire! Oh the life of a Mole.

Mole moral: If you mail Emily anything send it certified so she has to go to the post office and sign for it!

One thought on “Emily Mole + Post office = Disaster

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