Hitching a ride

Yesterday I had the house to myself as Kayla was at work and Brian and Allyson were at the property hunting turkey. So what better thing to do than catch up on Fear Thy Neighbor on DVR. The episode that stuck out the most was the guy that moved in next to a crazy cat lady. She did a lot of cat rescue and had actually purchased a house down the street for the cats only. The feud builds and builds and the guy buys pit bulls that are mean as heck and leaves them chained up outside making them even meaner. She always got up at 4 to go to the other house to feed her cats and one morning he let his dogs out and they trapped her between the houses. She screamed for twenty minutes right outside his window until they finally killed her. It was horrific so I decided I better walk my killer dog to keep her calm. I usually manage to walk her once a week because she annoys the heck out of me. She attempts to pee everywhere and sniff and I just want to walk and get it finished. So I take her on a new route and a mile away from the house she stops and starts eating grass.


She wouldn’t move and kept on eating grass and then puked and ate more grass. I had to call Brian to see if he and Allyson were on their way home from the property because there was no way I was going to get her to walk back. Yep I thought about carrying her but fifty pounds for a mile is too much like a biggest loser challenge and I wasn’t making enough money. He said he was about fifteen minutes away so I sat and waited for him. While she kept up with the eating the grass. He arrived and told me it was too hot for her black self to be walking. I said oh nice try, we are in the shade and its a nice breeze. He took us both home and then I left again to run two miles straight without walking before I killed the dog.

Mole moral~Pay someone to walk the killer fat fry who doesn’t mind stopping every twenty seconds and taking at least thirty minutes to walk a mile!

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