Scandinavian Cruise Chapter One

Once upon a time in a land far far away a girl named Shleprock found a cruise for her and her mother to take. The mother did not realize that when Shleprock
goes on vacation disaster is sure to follow. So they flew half way across the world. Before they even landed in Denmark the mother accidentally knocked Shleprock’s glasses out of the holder and her glasses broke. Luckily Shleprock isn’t too blind without them but no more sunglasses feature. So it will be a squinty sort of vacation.
The flight was nine hours from Washington DC to Copenhagen Denmark. Although Shleprock was worried about the flight, the eight years she has rode a bus to church camp made the flight seem short. Since the flight came in so early the cruise line gave them a complimentary two hour cruise around Copenhagen where they saw the queens house. Of course those pictures were on the camera and the cord to transfer pictures is back at home.
They finally arrived at the ship and got directions confused and attempted to board the ship before anyone was allowed. It was close to noon when they finally found their room. It would be one of the few times they would find their room without the help of the room attendant.
They went to bed early and slept in the next morning which was a sea day.

Mole moral ~ The flight might have seemed short but still no desire to fly to Australia.

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